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October 4, 2011

In a recent article by Tara, she offered suggestions on how to “Green Up Your Wardrobe” and I’d like to further this by offering you the best in yoga apparel that are green, stylish and highly coveted.There are a large number of yoga apparel and product companies out there. It can be overwhelming. Sometimes it’s simpler to walk into a discount store, grab a mat, a yoga towel, and some very decent yoga clothing at a low cost.The problem with doing this is you scrimp on quality. Have you ever practiced yoga on an inexpensive yoga mat?  You slip– your feet slip, your hand slips or it gets so wet with sweat and moisture that it’s virtually impossible to focus on the yoga.  And while the clothing may be fine for a while, they don’t hold their shape for very long and you have to quickly by more. For the money you’d spend on two pairs of pants at a discount retailer, you could buy one quality pair of Capri pants that will last you three times as long, look better and not offer such a huge impact on the environment.

The following are three of my favorite brands for yoga clothes in the industry.  All three brands are very much invested in their environmental impact, they utilize recycled materials, and have worked towards making their companies green as well.

Alo Sport has some stylish yoga tops and bottoms that are all made using eco-friendly practices.  My favorite piece is their simple bamboo jersey tank tops.  The fit is great, they feel incredibly soft on and they don’t retain the smell of sweat after multiple washings.

Manduka is a wonderful company that offers yoga mats, towels and cleaners to support your yoga practice.  One mat is an investment at $95 dollars, however, they are intended to last many years.  The best part about Manduka is that your feet will not slip in triangle pose unless you are really swimming in a wet mat.

be present.  Can I just say I love these pants?  be present offers 3 lengths of a capri pant with side slits or back slits and a drawstring waist.  These fit like a glove, are quick drying  and are perfect for a stylish day on the town.  My other personal favorite are the Renew Ribbed Chakra tank tops that have been made from recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton.

As a long time exercise enthusiast and a yoga teacher, these brands continue to deliver day in and day out.  As a mom in a hurry 90% of the time, I love that I can grab these items out of my closet, teach yoga and then be out on the town looking great!

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