The World in Marshmallow: People Using Peeps as Art

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April 7, 2014

Peeps have become a thing. Not just a thing you eat but the basis of all sorts of … creativity. What started as a simple marshmallow chick by Just Born has launched a new genre of “entertainment.” Every spring, this little blend of sugar, corn syrup, and gelatin inspires recipes, still life photos, videos, and experiments. Here are just a few!

Peeps Recipes

This giant circle of diabetes is a “Peep-za” made of sugar cookie, frosting, and peeps.



And this colorful beauty is a “Marshmallow Peeps Martini.”



Peeps Still Lifes

You can’t get through the Easter holidays without hear about one or four Peeps diorama contests. Maybe it’s the sugar rush but these creators went way beyond a quick scene.

Here’s a protest in Wisconsin.



Or, if you’re into pun, a “Village Peeple” concert.



Peeps Films

For some, one scene wasn’t enough. They spend entirely too much time to make whole short films starring, you guessed it, Peeps.

Sports fans can transfer their competitive spirit into the confectionary world with “Peep Jousting.” People send poor hapless marshmallows into the microwave with a tooth pick for a battle to the death. Whichever chick stabs the other wins. Some die-hards create tournaments during which many a sugary treat meet doom. This person even recorded every battle of a tournament.

Perhaps the most unusual use of unsuspecting gooey treats is this science experiment creating a vacuum!

Whether you are a baker or an artist, out for blood or a sugar rush, jump on the band wagon and have some fun with a Peep today!


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