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Strength Training Routine for Women

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September 22, 2011

It is a very common misconception that for women to be fit, they must be thin. Fitness does not mean being slim; it stands for the unity and health of the body, mind, and soul. Women should make it their goal to achieve health and psychological benefits and not focus more on the weight loss.

For those women just beginning a fitness and exercise program, here is a strength training routine that is easy to follow. Strength training (with little or without weights) is important for women to manage their weight, strengthen their bones and improve their health. Since women naturally have physical strength difficulties, it is best to use their body and gravity as their main tools for the strength training.


Aerobic dance is an exercise combining aerobic steps into dance movements. Any workout routine should properly start with warm-ups, stretching, and conditioning. For women, even five minutes of aerobics is one of the best ways to make the muscles ready for some workout.


While being in a prone position, lower the body using the arms and then raise it back up.


While standing with feet slightly apart, step forward using one leg then bring the other leg down with your knee almost touching the ground. This can also be done while holding a dumbbell.


While standing with feet slightly apart, raise both hands straightly in front. While in this position, slowly bend the knees and lower the body as far as possible. Dumbbells can also be used in this exercise. Be sure to keep the back straight to avoid injuries.


Stretching is the deliberate movement of elongating specific bones or muscles. With stretching, the range of motion can be increased and the chance for injuries can be greatly reduced. However, it should be taken in consideration that overstretching can be the cause of injuries; when pain is felt in stretching, stop it to avoid injuries.

Meditation or Yoga

Meditation is a form of mind training. Yoga on the other hand, is a more advanced practice of meditation.

This is where psychological benefits can be attained. The aim in performing the meditation is to discipline the mind, the body and the soul to achieve perfect tranquility. Fitness for women is something different from that of a man. Men strive for great body rips while women search for perfection in their bodies. Women do not need to be thin to be called fit. All they need is the unity and health of their mind, body, and soul. With these easy steps, women can have peace of mind and body and still be on a road to lose weight.

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