9 Sizzlin’ Summer Beauty Hacks

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July 7, 2016

Summer is full of possibilities, racing from one fun activity to another. So who wants to spend time primping and prepping when you have a beach to visit, friends to barbecue with and a pool to lay by. Relax and enjoy the season for what it really is – a time to recharge and enjoy the outdoors while foregoing the time-consuming beauty rituals. Instead try incorporating these fast tricks that will have you out the door in no time.

  1. Skip the foundation and apply a tinted moisturizer with SPF (at least SPF 30) to your face for even skin tone and sun protection that lasts all day.
  2. Swipe on a berry colored lip balm instead of your go-to lipstick. Lips stay moisturized while out in the sun while still showing off a bit of color.
  3. The heat from the sun, salt from the sea, and chlorine from the pool all work to irritate and dry out your skin. Keep skin soft by skipping soap in your morning shower and using a dry oil body wash instead.
  4. Headed to the water? Don’t wash your hair. Add a dry shampoo and throw your hair up in a low ponytail, braid or bun to keep it from drying out.  You’ll look put together and protected.
  5. Speaking of braids–they can be your hair’s best friend this summer. Braiding freshly cleaned hair before bed adds easy style the next day without any heat damage from a blow dryer. Just remember to apply an anti-frizz cream to your hair before you braid it. It will keep your wavy locks frizz free and shiny the next day.
  6. The sun can dry out your face, causing it to create more oil and shine. (I know, you just can’t win!) Don’t over scrub or wash it. Give skin a summer vacation too by only using a cleanser to rid your skin of dirt and makeup at the end of the day.  In the morning just wash your face with warm water.
  7. Develop a five or ten-minute routine. Getting out the door fast is the key when on vacation.  Put on that tinted moisturizer, swipe on some lip balm, add a slick of waterproof mascara and you are good to go.
  8. Skip the complicated eye makeup for your night out. Pick up a gold eye shadow to apply to your lids and let yourself simply shine.
  9. Protect your locks even more by adding a spot of sunscreen to the strands before heading into the water. Comb it through and be protected from the salt and chlorine while you swim.


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