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Playing Up Purple This Fall

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October 3, 2012

Purple has long been the color that signifies royalty, passion and luxury.  It should come as no surprise then that this fall season we are seeing its use in make-up, clothing and home decor.  Perhaps adding a bit of the luxe life into our living rooms, on our fingertips and draped around our necks, is just the thing to boost our frame of mind.

Runway Ready

Looking to punch up the color in your fall wardrobe? Purple is a great place to start.  It is universally flattering and is a fantastic alternative to black.  Pair purple with tans and leathers, or add gold accents for a really rich look.  For a subtle look, wear one solid purple hue and add a statement necklace or envelope clutch to complete the look.  Need more color and flair?  Purple paired with olive green or fuchsia can really pop. Old Navy has their own take on this trend. Their purple Flare Cords and Pop of Color Rock Star jeans have both light and dark versions of this plum shade.  Scarves, Raglan t-shirts and many other styles of shirts and accessories are at the ready and for a bargain at this retailer.  Visit stores like JCPenney or The Loft for work and casual separates in aubergine, lilacs and eggplant shades.

Fashion Forward Face

When it comes to the face this season, purple reigns supreme.  Whether you’re showing off the latest nail lacquer like China Glaze’s ‘Purrr-fect Plum’ or OPI’s ‘Suzy and the Seven Dusseldorfs’ you can easily find a way to translate this trend to your face.   Sephora launched their latest collaboration with Pantone Universe called ‘The Alchemy of Color Eye Shadow Palette’.  Taking a cue from the world of interior design, this set plays up purple shades like mauve, periwinkle, violet and works them in with shimmering bronze, nude, dark brown, hazel, silver and gray tones.  The effect is just short of amazing and can be worn day or night.  Don’t forget to check out Sephora’s own nail polish color, ‘Purple Parachute’ which is already a runaway hit. 

In the Home

In the home, purple is used as a neutral color, working well when mixed with taupe, brown and gray.  Go beyond the bathroom and think of purple in terms of how you see the hue is in nature.  Go light like twilight or lavender fields – or move deeper into the color with tones from vineyards, fruits and fields of flowers.  Once you start to think of purple as a natural color it becomes much easier to incorporate into the rooms of your home.  Pottery Barn showcases it this fall in gorgeous accent pieces in fig and eggplant and a pretty plum Rustic Luxe bedding set.  Use it sparingly or paint all the walls in one room and either way purple makes an impact that is simply gorgeous.

Shop this set at Polyvore.

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