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Thanksgiving Decorations That Will Last Through Christmas

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November 19, 2017

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time decorating for Thanksgiving when Christmas is right around the corner, these DIY decorating ideas will make your house festive for Thanksgiving—and beyond (and yes, you can still use your child’s hand turkey as your centerpiece!).

Hanging Pinecones

Instead of a wreath, consider hanging some pinecones on your door. If there aren’t pinecones in your area, buy a bag at a craft store. Use approximately eight pinecones that are six to eight inches long. Hot glue ribbons (cut an inch wide by two feet) in your choice of style and color, to the pinecones. Stagger the length and tie the ribbons all together to hang on a nail in the door.

Thankful Tree

Simply Vintage Girl shows you how to make a thankful tree. She fills a large glass jar with assorted shelled nuts and then inserts sticks vertically. Make or buy wood chalkboard tags. Her directions are to write words for things you are thankful for, but I prefer to have guests fill out tags and hang them on the tree.

Fall Luminaries

There is nothing that says fall like candles. Start off with mason jars, paint (colors of your choice), adhesive paper, and a leaf pattern. Trace the leaf pattern onto the adhesive paper and cut out. Apply the adhesive leaf to the jar. Using thin layers of paint, cover the jar with several coats. It is okay to make the paint look rusty and not cover the jar completely. After the paint has dried, remove the leaf pattern. Add a votive candle and you have a fall luminary! Make candles with cut out pumpkins, turkeys or even thankful words. Place a number of jars on your mantel.

Gourd Candles

Another way to display candles is to hollow out small gourds and pumpkins and then push a taper candle into the base. Place several on your dining room table as a centerpiece.

Mounted Gourds

For something different, find varying heights of candlestick holders and instead of candles, place a small gourd on top. Depending on the holders you find, you may want to paint them all the same color. If the gourd won’t stay, melt a little wax to fix it to the candlestick holder. Place four or five of them around other small gourds as your centerpiece. Or if you are using a buffet table, use them as a centerpiece.

What holiday craft ideas do you have to share?

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