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Keep Your Refrigerator Clean and Green

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June 18, 2012

We have talked about a number of ways to keep your home green by using green cleaners and homemade green cleaning products, but there is one particular item in your home that you should pay special attention to: the refrigerator. Your refrigerator can harbor some nasty germs and bacteria if not properly maintained.

Here are some tips to keeping your refrigerator both clean and green.

Cleaning Routine

You need to get into a routine of cleaning out the refrigerator. I know it can be difficult and is almost always a nightmare, but if you do it regularly the mess is considerably more pleasant to deal with. Using natural and chemical free cleaners is vitally important in your refrigerator. This is one area of your home that is in constant contact with the food you eat. The last thing you want to do is douse your soon-to-be lunch in nasty chemicals.

A simple solution of baking soda dissolved in water can do wonders. Clean all surfaces with this mixture and then if you want a nice shine go back over the areas with distilled white vinegar. Vinegar is a wonderful shining agent and will leave everything looking beautiful and sparkling.

Buy Organic

Purchasing organic produce and foods can also keep your fridge free of any unwanted chemicals or pesticides. If you purchase conventional produce rinse them before placing them in the refrigerator. This will get any surface chemicals off the produce before having them touch your freshly cleaned fridge.

Don’t Go Overboard

Purchasing too much food can be incredibly wasteful. There is energy consumption in not only production or preparation of food, but also energy consumption associated with harvesting that food and transporting it. Only buy what you know you will consume before it spoils. This will also help keep the mess down in your refrigerator. The less spoiled food, the less mess, bacteria, and germs.


Organize your refrigerator in a way that is easy for you to find items. By knowing what food you have on hand, you can cut down on over-purchasing and also in energy costs with your open refrigerator door. It is never fun to find a lost veggie in the back of the fridge that has been hiding there for months.

Clean Your Condenser

Ideally you have an energy-efficient refrigerator, but if you don’t (and can’t afford one) there are things you can do to help reduce energy consumption. First, clean your refrigerator’s condenser at least 4 times a year. It is simple to do. Just move the fridge out from the wall and use your vacuum to remove any dust or particles that may be clogging it.

Cover Foods

Keep your food covered. Uncovered food items can release moisture into the fridge which in turn can reduce the energy efficiency of your refrigerator.

Keep Hot Foods Out

Let food items cool before placing them in the refrigerator. Hot foods make your fridge work harder to cool down increasing energy consumption.

Most of these steps are incredibly easy and will keep your fridge looking good, keeping cool, and staying green. What tips do you have to keep your refrigerator green and clean?

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