5 Healthy Grains to Tempt your Taste Buds

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June 27, 2014

I’m always looking for healthy grains to incorporate into a side dish for lunch or dinner.  We generally use the old standby brown rice but sometimes I want something a little bit different.  I’m sure that you’re familiar with quinoa but here are five more healthy grains to tempt your taste buds at dinner time.

5 Healthy Grains to Tempt your Taste Buds

Many people include whole grains as part of a healthy diet. It is recommended that you eat three servings or more of whole grains each day. Studies have shown that this can reduce the risk of chronic health conditions like type II diabetes and certain cancers.

  • Kamut or khorasan wheat is a wonderful source of protein at 11 grams per cup. This nutty-flavored grain is also a good source of magnesium and zinc. Kamut is higher in antioxidants than traditional wheat and is an ancient strain that is regaining popularity.
  • Sorghum (or Milo) is a gluten free grain that is one of my family’s favorites. It can be ground and used in baking, cooked into a hot cereal or cooked and then chilled as the base of a spring salad. One of my favorite ways to enjoy Sorghum is in this Spring Sorghum Grain Salad Recipe.
  • Red rice is a fun new grain we have discovered. Red rice is red because of a type of yeast that grows on it in the field. It is known in many oriental countries to aid in digestion and studies suggest it may lower cholesterol.
  • Buckwheat is not actually a type of wheat at all. It’s really an herb but is used as a grain. It is gluten free and can be cooked the same way you cook rice. It helps lower blood glucose levels.
  • Barley is another ancient grain that is very popular in my home. While it can be ground into flour, I generally add it to my beef stew recipe. It’s very high in fiber and is most often used as “pearl” barley.

Here are five additional grains to try, for pasta lovers. Which of these healthy grains have you tried in a recipe lately? Are there any that you and your family enjoy that I haven’t mentioned here?

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