Got Sequins? Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Them This Holiday Season

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October 23, 2014

Blink and the holiday season will be here. Don’t fret over what to wear to the rounds of parties at home, with friends or at the office.  Go for the glitz anytime of day with sequins.  Played up right, sequins can pack a dramatic punch or stay understated and add just a bit of sparkle.  Take the sequins out of the dark and learn the do’s and don’ts of wearing sequins:

The Basics

Need a few quick tips on how to wear and not wear sequins?  Let’s get started!

  1. Don’t do the disco ball. Wear one sequin piece at a time and no more.
  2. Don’t go too short with a sequin dress. It will only look cheap and take away from your overall ensemble.
  3. Do think contrast. Wear your sequin jacket, hat or shoes with understated items. Think sequin skirt with button down shirt and booties. Add a cargo jacket or blazer for more contrast.
  4. Do stick to a solid color shoe. If you are wearing sequins anywhere else keep the shoe neutral.

At the Office

Wearing sequins at the office and during the daytime? Yes! You can totally do that.  Just keep the colors understated in neutral tones.  Worn in the following ways you can add a dose of sparkle to your daytime attire.

  1. Pair a sequin tank over a button down dress shirt or blouse. If you can wear jeans to work, distressed denim works well. If not, an understated black dress pant works too. Layer a colorful blazer over the whole ensemble and you’ve moved your sequined tank from night into day.
  2. If your office isn’t too conservative you can mix in that sweet little black sequin dress you love, tank style works best and not too short, into your work wear. Thick black opaque tights with plain black heels and a black blazer keep this outfit monochromatic and work-friendly. It transitions well into happy hour too.
  3. The key to sequins in the office is layers. Take that sequin sweater and wear it over a checked shirt. A plain fitted pair of jewel color jeans or ankle pants completes the look. Feel free to style it up with flats, loafers, or booties.

What is Old is New

Sequins don’t just add sparkle and shine to your outfit they can make something old in your closet new again.

  1. That LBD hanging in your closet gets a new life when you mix it with sequin clutch or pair of shoes.
  2. Think jeans and a cardigan are played out? Or even jeans and a blazer? Add sequin pumps or moccasins to spice things up.

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