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Four DIY Natural Decorations Using Autumn Leaves

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September 22, 2017

The fall palette is a stunning one with warm yellow, orange, and red tones. Here are four easy ways to bring those rich colors into your home.

Leaf Mobile

I love this idea by Michael Partanio posted on Good Housekeeping. Collect different shapes and colors of leaves, making sure the stems are intact. Press them in a heavy book for a couple days. Then follow these steps:

  • Wrap twine or ribbon around an 18 inch embroidery hoop or other circular hoop, securing the ends with hot glue. Turn horizontally.
  • Tie 3 foot long waxed strings in even intervals around the hoop.
  • For weights, tie some acorns to the bottom of the strings.
  • Knot the string around the leaves’ stems, spacing randomly.
  • Hang the mobile from a hook using the same twine or ribbon you used to cover the hoop.

The mobile can be placed inside or outside. A breeze will flutter the leaves so they appear like they are falling from a tree.

Fall Wreath for the Front Door

Trace a leaf on a piece of cardboard to use as a pattern. Trace 50 leaves onto colored plaid, striped, and/or flowered material, and different colors of felt. To make the leaves stiffer, you can iron on a craft backing before cutting out the leaves.

Buy a styrofoam wreath form online or at a crafts store, and pin your leaves to the form, overlapping to cover the pins. This is a wreath you can hang through Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin with Leaves

Find a white pumpkin or whitewash a pumpkin. Find different kinds of leaves in your backyard. Trace these leaves onto yellow, orange and dark red tissue paper. Cut the leaves out and glue the leaves to the pumpkin using a decoupage glue or watered down white glue. You can glue them all over randomly or in a circle around the pumpkin. Using a flat bristle brush, push the tissue from the outside to the middle to pucker the leaves and create veins and movement.

Printed Leaf Linens

You can use these autumn linens for kitchen towels, bath towels, dinner napkins, or even a tablecloth. Create a subdued look, or go as bright as you want!


  • Leaves
  • Acrylic craft or fabric paint
  • Foam brush
  • Linens
  • Scrap paper (like newspaper or brown packing paper)
  • Paper plate.
  • Optional rubber gloves since you will get up close and personal with the painted leaves!

Dip your foam brush in water and then blot on a rag or paper towel. Dip the tip of the brush into the paint. Spread the paint on the paper plate. Paint a thin coat onto one side of a leaf. Carefully place the leaf onto the linen and tap firmly all over the leaf to make sure the paint transfers to the linen. Continue using the leaf as a stamp to create a design you like. Get full instructions and see how awesome the printed linen looks at Funtober.

Look around your yard and see what natural items you can use to create your fall decorations. The more leaves you use for decorating, the fewer you have to rake up!

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