Skin Deep: Are You Irritating?

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April 23, 2015

We all love a good hot shower, a strong scrub and have a certain order in which we cleanse our faces and bodies. But how we treat our skin today can cause irritation tomorrow.  Are you causing wrinkles or sun damage and not even realizing it? And what is up with that weird stretch of acne along your temples? Can you really pop a pimple safely? We have the answers to these questions and more so you can stop irritating your skin and treat it right.

Asked and Answered

I do my facial before washing?

That’s right. You should apply a mask to your face first before you cleanse it. If you wash your face in the shower and strip away its oils then the mask could further irritate it and its properties won’t sink in efficiently. Instead, apply the mask first and then wash off gently with warm water in the shower or at the sink.

The pimple must go! Can I pop it, pretty please?

Yes and no. If it is in the red bump inflamed stage the answer is no. Leave it alone. Let it come to a head, a whitehead that is. Once it forms a white peak then you can pop it safely and apply a medicated cream or gel so it can begin to heal.

Why do I get acne on my temples and jawline?

It could be your accessories. The sunglasses you are pushing back into your hair, throwing in your purse or in your car have germs from everywhere all over them. Wipe them down with a hand wipe daily or at least once a week. The same goes for your cellphone which when pressed against your face can cause jaw and chin acne. Wipe that multi-tasker down often. Then break the habit of resting your hand on your chin while sitting at your desk. That’s another culprit for this type of acne.

Can sleeping on my side really cause wrinkles?

Yes. While not immediately but over time wrinkles can occur due to irritation from the pillow and blankets that are consistently rubbing your face on the same side. If possible, sleep on your back. Stomach sleepers are warned this is true for you too.

My skin burns and itches after I apply my morning moisturizer, why?

It is probably due to one or more of the following ingredients in your moisturizer: ascorbic acid, lactic acid, malic acid, orglycolic acid. These can irritate skin and leave behind an itching and burning that won’t quit. Stop using the product immediately and switch to a brand without these ingredients. Sensitive skin options are your best bet.

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