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Enjoy a Realistic, Happy Valentine’s Day

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February 11, 2015

It’s a familiar scene – the “most romantic day of the year” ends in a fight, hurt feelings and, possibly, tears.  For whatever reason, many of us get upset because that special person in our life has failed to make us think that we are important or loved by them because (gasp) they didn’t do it exactly how we wanted them to. When you think about it, putting pressure on our partners isn’t the most loving thing to do on Valentine’s Day yet so many of us fall into the trap year after year.

Blame Hollywood, or the sickening couple that seem to do everything right but, somewhere along the way, we got the wrong idea about this holiday. Rather than succumb to the vortex of stress and negativity, consider the following suggestions for making the most of the special day.

Keep it Simple

The fewer details you try to incorporate into Valentine’s Day the better. Why? Because there is less chance of something going wrong. Rather than trying to find the perfect, pre-made card, why not check out Pinterest and make something that is intimate and personal. It will mean so much more if you put thought into what you do instead of trying to pull off some near-impossible feat. Create a simple foolproof plan and stick to it.

Curb Expectations

To go along with the theme of keeping things simple, remember that life is crazy and hectic and sometimes we forget to put deodorant on in the morning. Your partner’s life isn’t any more idyllic. Give them a break when it comes to meeting your expectations on Valentine’s Day. Stop comparing their actions to some romantic comedy you saw and realize that, in real life, loving gestures could be a simple as remembering to do everything on the checklist that day.

Go Evergreen

So many aspects of Valentine’s Day are disposable (sometimes, even a blind date!). Instead of going this route, consider being more evergreen. Skip the freshly cut flowers and pick up an attractive houseplant that will last longer. Bake some cookies or learn how to make chocolates instead of buying treats in a box. Other options include music, books and, of course, jewelry.

Stay Home

Sure, the old standby is to attempt dinner and a movie on Valentine’s Day but the crowds are often terrible. It can be hard to get a table (sometimes, even with a reservation) and movies sell out quickly. Why not avoid the insanity by planning a romantic evening at home? Put little love notes around the house for your partner to find. Give each other a backrub. Make a brand new recipe together, dress up for dinner in your own kitchen and then queue up your favorite movie. You don’t have to fight with the crowds to enjoy a special evening together.


There is enough pressure and stress in the world without ruining a day devoted to love by adding more. Be loving towards yourself and your partner by taking that burden off your shoulders. Agree to put your over-stimulating gadgets away for the night and just enjoy talking to each other without barriers or distractions. Put on some chill music, dim the lights and forget that the rest of the world exists. For just one evening, believe that only the two of you exist.

This Valentine’s Day, instead of worrying about what you will wear or what you will get, make a loving attitude the priority – everything else will fall into place.

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