Resolve Yourself Fit: How to Keep your Fitness Goals this Year

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January 17, 2012

Health resolutions often top the list of most people’s goals for the new year and working out is usually a high priority in January.  Health clubs are jam-packed, fitness memberships are renewed the first couple weeks of the new year. Then, something happens. By the end of the month, your gym bag hasn’t left the house. Your runners are collecting dust.  Gyms empty out and the regulars no longer have to fight for the machines. Want to make sure you’re one of the people still clocking in workout hours by end of January?  Here are some tips to keep you going with your health resolutions when others give up:

Find your Bliss.  It sounds simple but it’s true. If you hate running, then setting a health goal of finishing a marathon this year probably won’t be achievable for you. Ditto for going to the gym three times a week if you hate working out indoors.  People who keep going back for more have found something they at least somewhat enjoy. I’m not saying swimming for 45 minutes a day is more fun than watching Dancing with the Stars, but if you like swimming more than say pilates class, you’re more likely to keep it going past the first few workouts.

Buddy up.  Let’s face it – sometimes two is better than one. If working out is something you consistently dread doing, having a friend tag along with you will make you more likely to attend that class, finish that run or downward dog it.  If someone else is counting on you, you’re less likely to bail.  Your health goal can be as simple as heading out for a walk with kids in tow after your Mommy and Me group or if that doesn’t work try something virtual.  If running is your thing, Nike+ is a great way to set challenges with friends online and keep everyone motivated and accountable.

Schedule it.  It sounds cheesy but it works.  If you schedule fitness the same way you do your child’s doctor’s appointments, it’s a lot harder to skip.  Just make sure it fits into your schedule. If you’re not a morning person, scheduling a daily workout session at 5 a.m. means you likely will choose snooze over a sweat session.

Try one or all of these tips to keep your resolutions going well past the usually drop off date.  Now that you’re a regular, what new fitness goal is next for you?

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