15 Healthy Food Gifts for the Holidays

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November 29, 2014

Everyone loves receiving food gifts for the holidays. My husband looks forward to sampling new tastes and try things he doesn’t normally get to eat. We love setting out a plate of treats for our guests to enjoy when they visit. Food gifts are also a great choice when you want to give a gift but don’t really know the person all that well. We gave gifts to the kids’ teachers when they were younger along with giving to babysitters and the mailman.

15 Healthy Food Gifts for the Holidays

While a plate of cookies or candy are certainly appreciated, it’s nice to be able to offer healthy food gifts for the holidays to people who are being careful about what they eat. Not everyone will appreciate receiving a box of fudge or a tin of Christmas cookies.  Here are a few healthy food gifts for the holidays that work for people who would rather not receive candy or cookies.

  1. Fresh fruit – Choose something from your state if possible. Citrus from Florida. Apples from Vermont. Or create a fruit basket online.
  2. Nuts – You can choose spiced, salted or sweet. Just be certain you consider which option the gift recipient would most appreciate and make sure to avoid any allergies.
  3. Restaurant gift card – Treat them to dinner out one night at their favorite restaurant. Then they can choose what they’d most like to eat.
  4. Jams and jellies – Homemade is best but if you’d rather not make it yourself, you can purchase homemade jam online. Watch the sugar content if that’s a concern.
  5. Homemade fresh bread and cheese – If your gift recipient is local, make them a loaf of homemade fresh bread and add a block of organic cheese.
  6. Coffee or tea – Fair trade organic coffee or a basket of herbal teas and a mug would make a great choice for a gift idea.
  7. Dried bean soup and chili mixes – A basket of dried bean soup and chili mixes will definitely be appreciated on a cold winter night.
  8. Gourmet sea salts – There are a lot of different kinds of sea salts  that those who love to cook would appreciate receiving as a gift. Himalayan is my favorite.
  9. Grocery delivery service – If you’re giving to a senior citizen, they may appreciate receiving a subscription to a grocery delivery service. There’s no more need to go out in slippery weather when your groceries are delivered.
  10. Smoked salmon – This is definitely a treat and can be enjoyed with fancy crackers for an appetizer.
  11. Popcorn tin – Check the ingredients on the popcorn you choose but there are several different types of all natural popcorn flavors out there.
  12. A CSA subscription – Start them off with a few months subscription to a local community supported agriculture group so they can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables in the spring.
  13. Olive oil – Choose a nice bottle of extra virgin olive oil, add in some organic pasta and some sun dried tomatoes and you have a great gift idea.
  14. Kombucha home brew kit – Get them started brewing their own kombucha for a gift all year long.
  15. Marinated feta and olives – This is a delicious gift that I’d love to receive that can often be found in your grocery store if you don’t want to make your own.

Now that you know some healthy food gifts for the holidays, will you be giving these or choosing cookies and candy instead?

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