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Classroom Birthday Sweets

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January 11, 2012

Sending a birthday treat into the classroom each year for my kids has always been a challenge. Classroom rules have changed and many schools do not want you to send in cupcakes or sweets. I guess the teachers got sick of dealing with all the kids on a sugar high. I just don’t understand. Seriously, I do not blame them in the slightest; I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes either. But they took the easiest solution away from us moms, so what now? Kids are picky and you want to appeal to the masses. Here are some of the ideas that I have come up with over the years.

Food on a Stick

It is a proven fact that everything tastes better when served on a stick. Last year for my son’s birthday he requested I bring pie pops for his class to enjoy. I searched high and low for a fun, reasonably healthy option and eventually decided on blueberry pie pops. Why not throw in a super food full of antioxidants? I bought some fresh, organic blueberries and some lollipop sticks and went to town. I chose to make my own pie crust, but they can be made with store bought crusts. And the rest of the ingredients were pantry staples I already had on hand: sugar, cornstarch, cinnamon, vanilla extract, lemon juice, salt, an egg white, and a bit of flour for dusting. The kids absolutely loved them and my son’s teacher asked for the recipe. They were a bit time-consuming, but totally worth it in the end.

Go For Gross

I really don’t understand why children are so fascinated with gross and disgusting things. My daughter is such a tomboy and always asks me to prepare desserts that look nasty for her class. This year she wanted simple dirt pudding cups with gummy worms, and who could argue with such a cute face? I’m just glad she didn’t request the “kitty litter” cake that her friend’s mom made last Halloween. Plus, the pudding cups meant less work on my part. I prepared my favorite tried-and-true chocolate pudding recipe and placed it into individual clear, plastic cups. Next I crushed chocolate wafer cookies and sprinkled them on top of the pudding and topped with a few gummy worms trying to “escape.” This ended up being such a big hit, I made a bigger version of it for Halloween.

Fun Fruit

If you are looking for healthier dessert options to send with the kids, try some creative ways to serve fruit. Strawberries, orange slices, banana bits, kiwi pieces, blueberries, and purple grapes placed on skewers create the perfect healthy rainbow dessert for little ones. Serve fruit salad topped with whipped cream in ice cream cones. Or make fruit pizzas by topping sugar cookies with slices of your child’s favorite fruits arranged in fun patterns. Use cookie or veggie cutters on slices of fruit or cookies to create fun shapes that are more exciting for kids to consume.

Whatever you decide to send into the classroom for your child’s birthday, keep in mind that individual portions are easier to serve and clean up. Let your son or daughter weigh in on the choice of dessert. And if possible, have him or her help in the cooking and preparation process. Avoid desserts with peanut butter or nuts, as nut allergies are on the rise. Muffin tins and liners are not just for cupcakes and muffins; they are great for a wide variety of individual sized desserts either baked or refrigerated. Be creative in the way you decide to display and serve the treats and the kids will soon be devouring your tasty treats.

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