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Wedding Wear Do’s & Don’ts

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May 23, 2017

We have officially entered wedding season. There’s no turning back now. While you can save some dough renting a dress instead of buying yet another cocktail or formal gown, there are some guidelines to adhere to before you RSVP yes to your next dress. When it comes to weddings there are rules of etiquette that still apply. Here’s how to make the most of your dress—instead of making a mistake—this wedding season.

Can I Wear White to a Wedding?

Answer: Follow the Golden Rule. Or, put another way, “white is never right.” When it comes to wedding attire, unless you are the bride, white is not an option. The only time white, ivory, off-white, cream, champagne, or any other version of these shades is acceptable is if the bride expressly includes it in the invitation. Otherwise, save it for another party.

How Much Skin is Too Much Skin?

Answer: If you are asking yourself this question when trying on a dress or outfit, then you already have your answer. This is a wedding—not a club. Save your bodycon dresses, plunging backs, and deep necklines for another occasion.  All eyes should be on the bride—not your assets.

Do I Really Need to Follow the Dress Code?

Answer: Yes. If you want to show respect to the bride and groom, you need to follow the rules that they set forth for their big day. If the invite requests “cocktail attire,” then a nice sheath will do. Don’t wear a floor-length gown just because you love it.  Sometimes you need to read between the lines and look for clues, like the wedding venue, and dress accordingly. If it’s a beach wedding, for example, wear sandals with no heels, and a wrap in case it gets cold.

Are There Any Absolute No Go’s?

Answer:  Yes. There are a few items that should never show up at a wedding. Hoodie sweatshirts, denim, and other casual clothes are never acceptable—no matter how casual the wedding. The same rules apply for shoes: no sneakers and no flip flops. Bra straps should never make an appearance either. Backless gowns need backless bras. Keep those straps hidden and tucked in.

A wedding is a moment to be celebrated and guests need to dress accordingly.

Do you have any wedding wear tips to add?

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