Beyond the Apple: 5 Fruits to Try This Year

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February 13, 2015

My fruit basket usually overflows with apples, bananas, oranges and the occasionally kiwi. There are some blueberries in my freezer and we might have a few grapes, strawberries or melon in the refrigerator. But, honestly, I think everyone in this house is getting a bit bored of the same old-same old, no matter how tasty and healthy these fruits are! Do you feel stuck in the fruit-rut too? I’m thinking it may be time to look beyond the apple and let the family try some new tasty and extremely healthy fruits.

Check your local grocery stores for these 5 powerhouses to try this year:

Combine chewy, crunchy and creamy and that sums up a fig. These luscious little gems should be kept covered in the refrigerator and eaten as soon as possible (2 or 3 days max) since they are one of the most perishable fruits. Figs are great sources of potassium and fiber. Try them in a cookie bar recipe or serve an elegant dish of stuffed figs with goat cheese and almonds, or poach some figs in juice.

Nice, sweet and succulent fruit known for its papain, a digestive enzyme, Papaya is grown mainly in Hawaii and makes a colorful addition to fruit salads. These fruits are high in vitamin C and should be eaten as soon as they ripen (when they get softer but not too soft) for best taste.

Known for its antioxidant effects, pomegranates are an interesting fruit. It takes a bit of work to scoop out all those luscious seeds, but they are well worth it for the many documented health benefits. The little arils inside (the red “jewels” that surround the seeds) can be used in recipes too, garnishing everything from salads to desserts. Whole pomegranates store well in the refrigerator.

Dragon Fruit
Probably the most interesting looking fruit of the bunch, this is actually a type of cactus! Cut open the colorful outside to reveal the dramatic creamy white inside with black seeds. Discard any pink or red areas and cube the white flesh. Add to any salad or eat on its own. Dragon Fruit, as with all these super fruits, is full of antioxidants and fiber among many other healthy benefits.

Offering a unique taste and extensive health benefits, the guava fruit is popular in many countries and even sold with spices like chili powder,sugar or salt for dipping. Guava fruit makes a popular exotic juice drink in some areas and is often used in candies and jams. The tiny seeds in the center are edible and the inside is a pretty pink color which makes guava a nice addition to fruit salads.

Try any (or all!) of these great fruits to add variety to your diet and reap amazing benefits. Let the kids help in making a family sized fruit salad too!

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