Plant a Garden and Save Your Wallet and Health

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March 11, 2015

Every day, it seems like there is something new in the news that makes planting a garden seem like a fantastic idea. Whether you worry about the quality of crops, the honesty of food handlers or the price of organic food, now is a good time to develop your green thumb. The added bonus, of course, is that your health may greatly benefit from your efforts. Here are five reasons why it’s a great time to sow your own seeds.

Reclaim Your Health

Most of us are not eating enough produce to begin with but many of us do try to add fruits and vegetables to our diet, only to be concerned about what toxins were used to grow the crops. Having nutritious items easily accessible can make incorporating them into meals a lot easier. Plus, gardening has the added perk of being great exercise!

Better Taste

Eating a delicious meal feels really good but it tastes that much better when it is made with super fresh ingredients. While you can grab produce at the farmer’s market, nothing can quite beat the satisfying flavor of something you just pulled from the ground or picked from the vine.

Environmental Impact

The fewest steps needed to process or package your food, the better. It’s also ideal to reduce how far it has had to travel. These things lessen our impact on the environment by minimizing how much energy and fuel is spent bringing food to your kitchen table. Additionally, if more people choose to garden organically, we will one step closer to eliminating harmful pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Take it a step further by saving your food scraps for a composter. Use that nutrient rich soil to keep your garden growing!

Money Saved

Buying food from a regular grocery store can be pricey but choosing organic can be substantially more expensive. Grow your own produce and you will not only save money at the cash register but also by reducing the gas you spend going to the store. If you have an infant, skip the high-priced organic baby foods and make your own.

Stress Relief

Many people have said that tending to their own garden is incredibly therapeutic for the mind. While you are out in your yard connecting with the earth, your mind is getting a much needed break from the fast pace of our modern world. Put on your sun hat, grab your gear and prepare to let your troubles melt away – at least, for a little while!

Are you planning to start growing your own food?  How do you plan to get started?  If you already have a garden, what impact has it made on your life?

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