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How to Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning

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June 24, 2020

If the summer heat is already starting to get to you, you might be wondering how to keep cool without air conditioning. Whether you’re trying to keep your electric bill down or you simply don’t have an air conditioner, these simple tips will help you stay cool on even the hottest summer day.

There are a number of different ways you can keep your house or your body cool when you don’t have an air conditioner. The one that works best for you depends on the type of home you live in. Some will be easier if you have a single-family home. But, most will work whether you live in an apartment or a house.

The easiest way to stay cool when it’s hot outside is by taking a cold shower or a bath. You only need to spend a few minutes in the water for it to lower your body temperature. Of course, if you have a pool or a sprinkler system, you can use either of these as well!

To help keep your home cool without an air conditioner, you need to try to stop the heat from warming up the house. Close your curtains or blinds and close the doors of rooms that you don’t use. Open the windows to allow a cross breeze to form. This will help let the cooler air in and the hotter air out. It’s very important to do this at bedtime so that the cool night air can help reduce the temperature of your home.

Use a box fan to circulate the air in your home. While any type of fan will help, a box fan is normally the largest type of fan and has the most power. This means that it will work more quickly than smaller fans will. You can also use an exhaust fan in your kitchen provided it vents to the outside.

Wear clothes made of natural materials like cotton or linen. These materials are breathable which lets the heat out which will help you feel cooler. This is an important tip at bedtime as well. Cotton sheets will breathe best. Or, if you prefer, silk breathes well too.

If you still feel too hot, try placing a cool washcloth on your wrists and the back of your neck. Grab an icy cold bottle of water and sit in the coolest room of your house. If you need to, try to go somewhere that has air conditioning. Or, take a drive in an air-conditioned car.

What are your favorite tips for keeping cool in the summer heat?

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