7 Fast Fashion & Beauty Hacks You Need Right Now

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October 14, 2015

It is often said that the classic staple items like a good white button down shirt, pair of jeans and black heels can make or break your closet. It is true but there are also little things; call them quick tricks that you can do each day to get you out the door faster while still looking polished, put together and totally stylish. We call them fashion and beauty hacks and these are just for you.

Always be Stylin’

When you are short on time but still need to dress to impress you need to hack the heck out of your fashionable self. These simple tips can save your day and your look.

  1. A wrinkled collar popping out of a sweater just won’t do. Grab your hair straightener and smooth out the wrinkles fast.
  2. Your ultra-pretty patent pumps are looking dull and scuffed. Grab the Windex and wipe them clean. No streaks!
  3. Sunglasses feeling loose? Apply a coat of clear nail polish to the hinges to keep them tightened.
  4. Don’t have time to fix that button that is about to fall off? No problem. Use clear nail polish to seal the threads together to the button until you are able to fix it properly.
  5. Just have to wear those particular jeans today but they don’t smell so fresh? Easy! Stick them in the freezer for a few minutes to literally freeze out the smell.

Face First

How many times have you read an interview with a model who proclaims that all she needs is a swipe of mascara and a slick of lip gloss to get her out the door? Ah, to be under 21 again! There is a bit of truth to it as mascara can widen your eyes making you look more awake and a small bit of shine and splash of color from a lip gloss can brighten your face. What else can you do? Read on.

  1. The weather is bad, your hair isn’t playing nice or you are post-gym and you still have to go back to the office. A quick bun at the base of your head or square in the middle can do the trick. If you locks are too short then a quick low pony tail with a side part can do the job too. Just be sure to use bobby pins the same color as your hair on that bun or use clear elastic to keep that pony tail looking sharp. It’s the little things!
  2. Grab that BB Cream, apply and go! It’s moisturizer with foundation and SPF in one! You just saved yourself at least 10 minutes.

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