Going Green When Wearing Green This St. Patrick’s Day

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March 13, 2012

Wearing the color green for St. Patrick’s Day is so 5 years ago. Instead show your support for the Luck O’ The Irish while supporting Mother Earth. When someone heads over to pinch you for not sporting a tiny shamrock bracelet, green colored socks, or a lime green scarf, tell them that you have taken wearing green to the next level. Choosing eco-friendly gear or clothing for St. Patrick’s Day can set you apart from the rest. Here are some of my favorite “green” St. Patrick’s Day wearable items.

100% Organic

Choose apparel that is 100% certified organic or sustainable products. Organic cottons, organic wools, hemp, and bamboo are fantastic fabrics to start with. If you are dead set on wearing the color green consider products like Anayak organic tees that are both green in regards to the environment and color. Your baby can sport some green apparel as well with a MyGoodnessDuds organic St. Patrick’s Day outfit.

Head to the Thrift Shop

The best way to go green is through reusing old items. Most thrift stores and Goodwill shops will separate out their seasonal items for you during the holidays. Upon entering the store, you will most likely be greeted by a rack of inexpensive and festive clothing options. I have found St. Patrick’s Day hats, glasses, bracelets, necklaces, t-shirts, and more at thrift shops. You can feel good knowing these items are re-purposed or reused and you won’t spend a fortune on an item you plan to wear once. If you are planning on decorating for the holidays, thrift stores are a great place to find decorations as well.


If you prefer the head-to-toe St. Patrick’s Day look and are in the mood for some festive accessories, consider purchasing items made from recycled materials or make your own. Make a fun grass skirt out of recycled construction paper, tissue paper, or green leftover fabric – or choose accessories like these from Alex and Ani’s that are made from recycled gold and silver.

Support your City’s Green Causes

Some cities (such as New York and Cleveland) are taking going green for St. Patrick’s Day in their own hands. Check out the shirts from Spread Shirt and Fresh Brewed Tees if you are interested in an organic and recycled St. Patrick’s Day tee.

Repurpose and Donate

Once the festivities are over consider donating your accessories and clothing to your local thrift store, Goodwill, or find a way to re-purpose the items. I know some people prefer to sport shamrocks year long and there is no shame there. However, if your shamrock wearing is limited to once a year, find another purpose for those items so they are not sitting around collecting dust (or worse yet ending up in a landfill). Your t-shirts and cotton items can be re-purposed into a number of fun projects. Check out some of the fun things you can do with leftover cotton t-shirts.

No matter what your St. Patrick’s Day style incorporates, you can make it a little greener by following some of these ideas. What ways do you plan on greening up your St. Patrick’s Day festivities?

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