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Revamp Your Fall Wardrobe With These 10 Must-Have Collars

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August 23, 2012

One of the most sophisticated looks to hit the runways this year is the collar trend of 2012. Every fashionista wants to prep up their wardrobe with collars that make their outfits pop. Collars are perfect because they can be worn by anybody and look great. In a year filled with preppy fashion, the collar makes the perfect accessory to any outfit.

Here are some of our favorite collar trends for the 2012 fashion year.

  1. Metallic solid color – This fashion trend is a little bit edgy and a little bit futuristic so it works with a variety of personalities and outfits. For an eye grabbing addition to your next late night dress, add a metallic color to spice it up a bit and get yourself noticed as you head out on the town.
  2. Colorful – Add a pop to your outfit by incorporating the hot trend of neon colors along with the even hotter trend of collars. You can quickly turn a boring piece into one that is filled with fun and vibrant attitude just by adding a green, yellow, pink or blue collar to your favorite outfit.
  3. Jeweled up and fancy free – You won’t need to purchase any extra accessories when you wear a classy shirt filled with jewels bordering a collar to enhance your neckline. Add some adornment to your favorite shirt with over-sized jewelry that sparkles as you hit the town.
  4. Sport your favorite pattern – If you are wild about the bird look, wear a collar that sports this fashionable print and create your own unique ensemble. You have more freedom when you choose collars that match your style and taste and can truly make a mundane outfit into your own.
  5. Get sophisticated – Many ladies are dressing up their casual sweaters to add a sophisticated touch with a plain white collar adorned with some small, classy bling on each lapel. This sophistication immediately creates a look of class while staying trendy.
  6. Emphasize a built in collar with some bling – If you are wearing a shirt that has a collar built in, emphasize that collar by placing a large metallic necklace underneath. You will quickly create your own collar look without much effort and look runway-stylish with ease.
  7. Collar shaped necklace – If the collar trend makes you nervous, ease into it by wearing a necklace that carries the shape of a collar. It will create a look of a bow on your neckline that will make you look elegant and fashionable.
  8. Go floral – Flowers are always ladylike and for super feminine women, adding flowers to a collar can be just the right touch of beauty. Either use these in a print, or wear a collar that comes equipped with flower jewel,s to add some extra dimension to your outfit.
  9. Classic paisley print – The classic print of paisley has made a comeback in a strong way. Dress up a plain grey, white or black shirt with your favorite paisley collar to create a burst of color and turn an outfit from boring to classy with ease.
  10. Be a stud – The studded look has often been associated with dog collars or large spike collars. But now, you can be edgy with studs without having to go overboard. Studs in small doses look great and can make any innocent lady look a little bit wild and rock n’ roll in no time.

Collars have taken the fashion world by storm on runways, in stores, and on women around the world. Dress your favorite outfit up and create something new with this fun and preppy trend. 

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