5 Beauty Bloggers You Need to Know

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October 31, 2013

We all need a bit of beauty and style help at times – even if it’s a question like “Do I really need eyelash extensions?” or advice on the best drugstore skincare products. Magazines and friends don’t always have the answers, but beauty bloggers give you detailed and daily access to the beauty world. Whether it is finding the right concealer for your skin type or the best dry shampoo, beauty bloggers are your best secret weapon. Here are five that you should have on your bookmark list.

This That Beauty

Personal and confidential in feel, this site is run with serious style and know-how by Felicia Walker and Christine Carr. Offering up honest product reviews and insider knowledge to their readers they cover everything you need to know about putting your products to optimal use through videos and blog posts. It’s an all covering, all-consuming site that will have you addicted in no time.

Makeup & Beauty Blog

It doesn’t get much simpler than this! Karen has been blogging about her MAC cosmetic obsession since 2007 and has compiled a long line of video tutorials, product reviews and experimental looks that are fun to read (her supermodel cat Tabs is a blog star), easy to work into your daily routine and educational too. Her photographs are crisp, clean and show-off her self-created looks each day. Karen wants to satisfy your cosmetic cravings.

Donna Daily

It is all about being accessible. That is Donna’s number one rule and she holds to it with each and every post. If you find yourself pinning quotes and tutorials with equal fervor while on Donna’s site you are not alone. Donna Daily focuses in on the beauty industry and how to utilize it each and every skin-toned drop. Reading her blog is like sitting down with a friend as she spills her beauty guts in a totally relatable way.

Cult of Pretty

Described as not easily impressed, Ann Colville Somma from the Cult of Pretty, dishes about little known products, but only if they are truly impressive and deemed worthy by this beauty insider.  Her blog is filled with stunning photos, truthful reviews and innovative ideas. A creator and advisor on products in the beauty world herself, Somma asks readers to indulge her and ask her anything. Her answers may often surprise you and she is never boring.


Rae may be a former beauty pageant winner but her down to earth approach to skincare and makeup puts you right at ease. Known for her tutorials she isn’t afraid to get real and discuss her tips and tricks on dealing with combination skin and hormonal acne something many of us can relate to at some time in our life.

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