Valentine’s Day Style – Easy Ways to Impress your Sweetheart

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February 8, 2012

You and your Valentine have managed the impossible – you have the evening of February 14th to yourselves. The babysitting gods must be on your side, because finding someone willing to watch a 2-year-old on the  (supposedly) most romantic night of the year is no easy feat. Since having a night sans kids is a reason to celebrate in itself, you should at least spend a few extra minutes getting dolled up. Here are some tips to take a simple outfit from pretty to sultry.

Great Heights

I know, heels make your feet hurt, but you can’t deny it – they look amazing. You put them on and you stand up straighter, your legs look longer and they give you an instant confidence boost. Dig into your closet, find those killer shoes that make you feel like you own the world (well at least when you don’t have to walk too far) and take them out on the town. The instant change will not go unnoticed by your date.

Red Hot

If you can’t wear red on Valentine’s Day then I don’t know when you can. Even if you usually shy away from scarlet because you’re worried about standing out in a crowd, then February 14th is the perfect time to don it. On this holiday, red or pink will be popular wardrobe choices so you won’t be alone. Embrace your inner vixen and enjoy wearing bright crimson while (almost) blending in at the same time.

Underneath it all

If getting glammed up isn’t for you, then make the evening extra special by wearing stunning lingerie. Victoria’s Secret is popular for a reason – whatever you style you can find something that looks amazing on you. No one needs to know what lies beneath except for you and that special someone.

Dressy Blues

If a more casual night out is on the agenda, opt for a pair of dark denim jeans. Remember you can’t go wrong with a boot cut as it is a universally flattering fit. Add a brightly colored top or a sparkly tank and a fitted blazer and you’re good to go.

Whatever your style, every once and a while it’s worth upping your game a bit with new colors, fun shoes or even an amazing bra. Even though it’s what’s on the inside that counts, dressing up the outside can help make you feel your best.

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