2016 Hair Color Trends

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March 23, 2016

Why let celebs have all the fun on the hot new trends in hair color this year?  It’s time to catch up and start incorporating some of the hair hues this season. Whether you are updating your usual tint or going for something bolder or more subdued we have colors that look great on every skin tone, no matter what your style might be.


Do blondes have more fun? The popularity for the sunny shade does take over in the summer months. Here’s what’s hot now.

Pewter: A deeply icy shade that rivals platinum blonde. This is the latest look for the modern blonde. No matter what the age this color works.

Beach Blonde: This trend comes around almost every spring and summer season and there’s a reason why. The natural hue of a beach blonde is not only timeless but timely. The warmer months call for it. It’s warm, it is sandy and it looks good on you!

Creamy Blonde: Also described at buttery blonde, the color has a warmth to it that strikes a nice balance between the sun-drenched shade of a beach blonde and the icy shine from the pewter hue. Ash tones mixed with all over buttery notes are also included in this spectrum.

Baked Braun & Black

Mocha: A decidedly warm shade of brown that can also share strands with the ‘melted ombre’ look. This tone has multiple shades of brown blended together to add many dimensions of beautiful brown loveliness. Want a color that is a little cooler?  Try a ‘cool espresso’ tint that adds a dark depth that plays nicely against warm and darker skin tones. Include a gloss rinse for added shine.

Bright Brown: Perfect for pink-toned skin and those with a golden glow, this color is shiny like glossy brownie batter without venturing into the area that includes any blonde highlights. Think of it as your light roast or toasted shade. It adds dimension to brown without falling flat.

Red Hot

Copper tints, woodsy shades and strawberry tipped tresses look youthful and glamorous all at the same time. Check out the stunning reds to wear right now.

Ronze: As seen on Julianne Moore this awards season it looks great on pale skin tones. A mixture of copper-red (so big last fall!) and bronze brown, this color has a vibrancy that works on so many. If you are of the paler persuasion go for a bright undertone to balance it out without too much brass. Darker complexions should ask for blue-based tones.

Cuivre: That’s French for high intensity glossiness mixed with a decadent fire bomb red in a decidedly copper shade. Think Christina Hendricks in all her gorgeous red-headed glory.  It’s shimmery and oh so you.

Image Source: Polyvore

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