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5 Essential Motivators for Overworked Moms in Business

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January 1, 2013

Working from home while raising children is not an easy task.  While your main priority is the care of your family, the added demands of making money from home can sometimes discourage even the best of moms in business.

Staying motivated is essential to thriving as a work at home mom.  If you find yourself losing motivation from time to time, here are five essential motivators to get you back on track:

Take time for yourself.

This is often the first solution given to overworked moms, but it can be the most difficult to put into action. With all of the demands placed on moms, between household tasks and business responsibilities, you may feel there isn’t any time left in the day for “unproductive” activities. However, taking a break is essential to your longevity. Even if you love the work you are doing, your brain needs an occasional break to re energize.  Start by taking short breaks every few hours to stretch your muscles or to get a breath of fresh air. Work your way up to taking one full day off each week for ultimate relaxation. Your body and your business will thank you.

Write down realistic daily goals.

Taking just 15 minutes at the beginning of each day to plan your activities will actually save you more time in the long run.  By identifying all of the demands for the day and prioritizing them, you can better allocate your time to the most important tasks first.  Writing down your daily plan in one key place, be it a planner, notebook, or list-based app for your smartphone, is important to staying organized and keeping a record of your business activities.

Ask for help.

Even super moms need help from time to time. If you can afford it, get help with the housework as much as possible or hire a virtual assistant to help with day-to-day business responsibilities.  If you’re on a tight budget, consider asking a friend or family member to watch the kids while you meet a deadline or use low-cost services like Fiverr for outsourcing various business tasks.

Expect the best.

Your attitude, whether positive or not, shows through your body language, choice of words, tone of voice, and even your posture.  Strive to be confident in your work and maintain a positive attitude.  Expect that you will be successful, remembering you are uniquely qualified to do the work that you do.

Focus on Now.

It’s important to set boundaries for your roles as mom and entrepreneur.  When you are spending time with your family, be 100% present, and when it’s time for business, maintain your focus on your work. Trying to check emails, file papers, or take a quick call while playing with the kids only leads to feelings of low worth for them and frustration for you. Though it may be impossible to strike a perfect balance, by setting appropriate boundaries, it is possible to juggle running a family while building a home business.

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