5 Dancing Grannies: When Age Won’t Get You Down

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September 22, 2014

They always say age is just a number. It may be true, but I have to say last week on my birthday, I wasn’t all that happy about that number going up! Then this video came through my news feeds and reminded me that getting older doesn’t mean who you are changes. This woman just breaks out in dance on the streets of Havana.

Seeing that video reminded me of this viral video that went around a while back. Filmed by the woman’s granddaughter who cranks up a song for her, this grandma doesn’t seem to mind if “someone calls the cops,” she just plops down that purse and grooves!

Her video became so popular; they were invited to the Ellen Show. She proved she has plenty of spunk to go with her moves.

Grandma’s aren’t limited to old classics. This dancing diva impressed me with her moves to Ice Ice Baby, especially because she managed to continue cooking while she shimmied around her kitchen.

Age won’t hold down ladies to the east of us either! This woman in South Africa feels the beat and moves her feet to the joy of many onlookers.

This Maldivian woman has a smaller audience as she dances for her husband. He doesn’t seem to appreciate the show, but I love that she keeps grooving anyway!

To be fair, old men have spirit too! This happy video made its rounds through social media too. A man gets down on the dance floor until he just can’t take it anymore and throws away his canes.

Hopefully, this happy reminder that age really is just a number will give you a smile and inspire your week to be full of joy. If you feel like dancing, go for it!

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