Top Ways to Celebrate Autumn with your Kids

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October 5, 2011

Autumn is one of my favorite times of year, the smells, the changing of the weather are truly glorious!  In the busyness of a new season of school activities and sports and prep for the holidays, sometimes it is hard to remember what Autumn really brings. Here are our top ten ways to bring the new season.

Go on a nature walk

Even if you don’t live somewhere with mountains or regular hiking trails, Autumn itself brings in nature with cooler weather and the changing colors of the leaves. Point out the squirrels gathering nuts and acorns for the winter. Your nature walk can be healthy, entertaining and educational.

Have your child start a leaf collection

If you make a leaf collection every year, you can compare them to last year’s leaves. Pick up a few as you run errands with the kids. Choose different shapes and colors of leaves, bring it home and look up the kinds you’ve picked.

Go apple picking

Bringing the family together for apple picking is loads of fun for everyone.  Kids (and you) get to run around an apple orchard, getting exercise at the same times. You get healthy apples to eat and they get to see where apples really come from, not just a store.

Roast apples with cinnamon

With the apples you just picked, roast some with cinnamon.  There is nothing more lovely in the Autumn as the smell of roasting apples and cinnamon. Roasting is an easy way to get the kids involved, they can wash and put the apples on the roasting pan, sprinkle on spices, set the timer, and of course enjoy the fragrant smells.

Head to a local game

Going out to a college soccer game with a blanket and getting a bratwurst is quite fun in my opinion.  Kids love it, although I think they enjoy the bratwurst and atmosphere more than the actual game.

Attend a fall festival

Make your local church or school harvest festival a family event, and yes, the teens can have fun there too.

Visit the pumpkin patch

When October comes we are ready to go to the pumpkin patch.  Pick out your pumpkins, but also ask which pumpkins are best for baking and roasting and get those as well.  Usually, hay bales and corn stalks are available to purchase and can be incorporated for decorating without worrying about the environment. Definitely go on the hay ride together.

Play in the leaves

Autumn is the easiest time of year to get the kids to help with yard work.  Rake, rake, rake and jump, jump, jump!

Have a great zoo nearby?

Zoos are fabulous this time of year, animals are much more active with the cooler weather.  Zoos also tend to have more programs for kids.

Get lost in the Corn Maize

I thought a Corn Maize would be silly until our family went to a “flash light night” at one. I have never heard so much giggling and laughing. Find a local one near you – for day or night time fun.

These are just simple and inexpensive ways to bring in the new Autumn season as a family.

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