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May 24, 2015

It’s that time of year. End of school is on the horizon along with promotion parties, yearbook signings, and those looming months of free time ahead! Most kids avoid workbooks and education like the plague, but reading is an important skill to maintain over the summer. You can keep it fun, and add incentives, to get your kids to grab a book the next time they need a break from the swimming pool., the largest website dedicated to kids’ reading and book reviews-by-and-for children, announces its 3rd annual Summer Reading Program. This online program rewards kids (and their schools and libraries) for reading and reviewing books. The program is well under way and runs through September.

How Does it Work?

In partnership with leading children’s book publishers, DOGObooks has created a reading catalog of 78 popular book titles for grades 3-8, including Nancy Drew, Cupcake Diaries, Harry Potter and more. By reading and posting 3 reviews of 25 words or more, kids can select their choice of a free book from a prize catalog of over 70 book titles. The program also rewards the top ten schools and top ten libraries with the most kids signed-up with 50 new books.

Once you’ve done 3 reviews, you can repeat the process to win even more books (while supplies last).

Here are some sample reviews currently on DOGObooks as part of their Summer Reading Program:

snicker9 reviews Princess Academy: This book was amazing. I was really surprised because when I first read the description, I wasn’t “crazy” about it. Royalty, and princes aren’t really my kind of books. However, I am really glad I decided to read it. In this book Mira is a smaller-than-normal girl who lives in a small town. She wants more than anything to belong, and to work along the other town members, but is forbidden to. Then the prince is looking for a bride and the unlikely mountainside territory is chosen. All the of-age girls are forced to attend a school where they will learn to become princesses. At the end of the year, a ball would be held and the prince will choose his princess. This is a story about fitting in, and contentedness in your home, as well as dreams. In this story there is adventure and several action scenes, but is mostly more of a realistic fiction story. I recommend it to everyone!

happymoon gives 4 stars to Big Nate: From the Top: Big Nate: From the Top clearly shows that Lincoln Pierce has done it again. This book is positively funny, and you’ll be clutching your sides from laughter by the time you’ve read a few pages. Nate, the eleven year old who is intent on believing he will be famous, just doesn’t seem to stop getting into trouble. Every day it’s a battle against teachers, popularity statusses and his locker. Though his life isn’t the way he planned it, it is still absolutely HILARIOUS! This is a definite must read and recommendation. It is a great comic book, and you should definitely consider experiencing some of it’s glory. Big Nate: Over the Top will absolutely be the next book on your “Funniest books” list.

Who Can Join?

The program is open to children in Grades 3-8 (with parent permission). Just sign up at select books to read, post reviews and start earning prizes. Kids can keep track of their progress throughout the summer and also see which books are most popular for reading and for prizes.

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