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Tips for Gift Giving Without Gifts

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October 26, 2018

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to have gift giving without gifts? As much as I love the holidays, gift giving can be a challenge. There really isn’t anything that I want or need, so coming up with ideas for people to give me is tough sometimes. And, it’s not just me. My parents and my sister feel the same way. Here are a few ways you can still give without giving a physical gift.

Enjoy a meal together

You can either take the person out to eat to their favorite restaurant or invite them over for dinner at your house after the holidays. If you want a physical “thing” to give as a gift, you can put a gift certificate in a box and wrap that up.

Gift a membership

Consider giving a membership that they or the entire family enjoy. A few options include a toy rental subscription service, a yearly membership to the zoo, or a subscription to their favorite movie streaming service. You can also try a consumable gift like a cheese of the month club or a coffee delivery service.

Make a donation

If the person truly doesn’t want you to give them any type of gift all, consider making a donation in their name to their favorite charity. There are also fun programs where you can have a star named after you or support a family in need for a year. Just make sure that the donation means something to the person you’re purchasing for.

Donate your time

Do you have a skill that you can donate that they’d appreciate? Offer to clean their home, weed their garden, watch the kids so they can have a night alone, or walk their dog while they’re on vacation. Sometimes the very best gifts are those you give of your time.

Start a tradition

Maybe it’s time to start a new holiday tradition? Why not go out together and cut down a tree for the holidays? Or, go caroling around the neighborhood with the whole family? Get everyone together for an afternoon making holiday cookies and watching your favorite holiday movies. Start a new tradition that everyone can enjoy year after year.

The holidays don’t have to mean giving physical gifts wrapped up in shiny paper, ribbon, and bows. Instead, it can mean giving of ourselves, our time and our skills. Even if you don’t skip the gifts entirely this year, you can give fewer physical gifts and more gifts of yourself.

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