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Five Fun Apps to Download for Easter

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April 15, 2014

It’s almost Easter (can you believe it!?) which means it’s time for a fun holiday filled with pastel colors, arts and crafts and a great opportunity for the family together and celebrate the special occasion.  If you’re in need of tips for dyeing eggs or want a fun Easter game to pass the time, here are some smartphone apps to get you started: 

Egg Dyeing 101 from Martha Stewart Living

One of the first things that comes to mind when we think about Easter are all of the colorful eggs. The only problem is that creating those works of art is a lot tougher than it may seem. Fortunately, Martha Stewart has released this easy-to-use app that will have you dyeing eggs like a pro in no time!

Easter Bunny My Face

Almost every store has a stockpile of Easter Bunnies, whether they be stuffed or made of chocolate, waiting at the checkout aisle because they know people find them irresistible. Now, you can be just as cute with the Easter Bunny My Face app. Just choose a picture and you’re ready to add ears, a nose and cute little rabbit teeth!

Bubble Blast Easter

We all love playing games on our phones and now you can download one that gets you into the Easter spirit. With bubbles shaped like eggs, Bubble Blast Easter is a great game for killing time or keeping little ones occupied while you’re preparing your holiday meal!

Easter Wallpaper for Your Phone

Whenever Christmas or even Halloween rolls around, people really go all out to get into the spirit and now it’s time to bring Easter into the fold. There are several decent apps out there that allow you to deck out your phone with some truly beautiful Easter-inspired wallpapers.

Easter Bunny Tracker

Are your kids excited for a visit from the Easter Bunny? Are they looking forward to all of the delicious treats he will bring and, possibly, an Easter Egg Hunt?  If so, they may be really thrilled by the Easter Bunny Tracker app that allows them to “see” where he is. You can also use the app to send them a letter from the festive rabbit himself!

Of course, Easter is about more than candy, crafts and food. It is about family and honoring the resurrection of Jesus Christ. May you and yours have a wonderful holiday!

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