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7 Camping Food Hacks 

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August 22, 2017

Heading off on an end-of-summer camping trip? Here are seven camp food hacks to make easy meals in a campfire kitchen. From mason jar oatmeal to cinnamon buns on a stick, these tasty hacks make campfire cooking a cinch.

Recycle Condiment Squeeze Bottles

Clean and save empty condiment squeeze bottles for your next camping trip. Before you go, fill a few bottles with your favorite pre-made pancake mix. At your campsite, add water, shake, and squeeze silver dollar pancakes right onto your campfire griddle.

Freeze Water Bottles

Skip the ice and keep your ice chest cool by freezing two or three bottles of water before your trip. Place them in your cooler and when they thaw, you’ll have extra water on hand for drinking or kitchen prep.

Scramble Eggs in a Water Bottle

Forget making a mess of extra bowls and a whisk. Instead, crack your fresh eggs into an empty water bottle and have your kids scramble the eggs with a few good shakes.

Oatmeal in a Mason Jar

For an easy, cheap, and eco-friendly breakfast by the fire, add a mix of oats, your favorite dried fruit, and a dash of cinnamon to a mason jar. Pour a little hot water to the mix, stir or shake, and let stand. In ten minutes, you’ll have warm oatmeal, the perfect breakfast for a chilly fall morning by the campfire!

Tortilla Chips and Chili

Prep your fave chili recipe (or, even easier, heat up a can) and spoon it into a bag of tortilla chips. Sprinkle with cheese and you’ve got on-the-go chili nachos—minus the messy bowls.
Cinnamon Rolls on a Stick.

Send your kids into the woods to find a few long sticks. Crack open a can of cinnamon rolls, unroll, and wrap around a stick. Bake over hot coals, spinning slowly, for about seven minutes.

Popcorn in Foil

Take a 15-inch piece of aluminum foil, place 1/2 cup of popcorn kernels and one tablespoon of cooking oil at its center, and fold the corners into a sealed popcorn pouch. Place directly on hot coals. Shake the pouch as the popcorn pops to prevent burnt kernels. Open the pouch and sprinkle with melted butter and salt.

Do you have camp cooking hacks to add to the list?

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