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Starting the New Year off on the R.I.G.H.T. Foot

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January 4, 2012

Everyone starts out the New Year with goals and resolutions but most people can’t or don’t stick to them.  We all have things in our life we’d like to change, improve and get better at.  Make this the year you actually do the things you want to see changes in.  For 2012, I have two solid athletic events that I’ll be training for, along with lots of small goals in the weight lifting arena.  I am an athlete and this part is easy for me.  The hard part is focusing on something else other than my athletics – like being an active member of the church community, teaching my children to cook, reading more and finding ways to have more social outings with friends.

This year I plan to start the New Year off on the R.I.G.H.T. foot:

R … Be Realistic in choosing goals

I … Invite Others to Join You

G … Go Out and Do It

H … Highlight on a Calender Your Goals with Achievable Dates

T … Talk to Yourself

The most important aspect of choosing and setting goals is to be realistic.  A realistic goal would be to improve your time in the mile by 30 seconds in a 2 month training period.  An unrealistic goal would be to run a marathon when you’ve never run farther than 1!  Write it on your calender with examples of how you will achieve your goal on a weekly or monthly basis.  Another good goal would be to be able to perform 20 push-ups unbroken with perfect form in one month.

Invite your friends and family to join you.  Whether you want to lose 5 pounds or twenty…tell your friends and ask them to support you in your goals.  Use your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus to help you stay accountable to your friends.  There are also quite a few helpful websites to help keep you on track, Daily Feats is one I like.

Make a plan to GET IT DONE.  Have a positive attitude, tell yourself you can do it, talk to yourself out loud if you have to.”Come on Rachel” is one I use regularly when the weight is heavy or if I just don’t want to pick up the barbell one more time.

Get a large desktop calender or use a fancy app on your phone to set reasonable, achievable goals– such as today, I will be able to do 5 unbroken push-ups with perfect form.

Choose two.  Having more than one goal in any area will help you keep a balanced approach to life.  Hopefully, not to add stress to your life, but to add variety. Also, when you hit one goal, then you’ll be more than ready to work on the next one.  Involve the family.  By getting your immediate family involved in one of your personal goals, there is going to be family goals that come out of it as well.  A few years back, we all raced our bikes on the same day, and I’d love to see that happen again.


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