Powerful Powders for Your Health

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February 24, 2016

Before you pop another vitamin, consider digging into a spoonful of one of these powerful powders. Pulverized doses of these superfoods are not just great ways to add highly beneficial foods to your daily diet. They are simple to include into your meals and drinks too. Toss them on your salad. Mix in a teaspoon or two into a drink. Whichever way you use it, you are enhancing your meals and snacks while doing a whole lot of good for your system too.


Acai: We’ve all heard of the curious to pronounce Amazonian berry, Acai, pronounced (ah-sah-EE). It’s packed with amino acids and is a terrific anti-inflammatory. What does that mean for you? While most often eaten in freeze-dried berry form, adding acai powder to your favorite sports drink or water post-workout means muscle repair and recovery can happen faster. Sip on that after your next Body Pump class.

Bee Pollen: How can something made from bee spit be so revolutionary for your health? If you aren’t allergic to pollen then it is a great way to absorb additional protein during the day. Bee pollen has Vitamin B (cute, huh?) and helps your body burn fat faster too. When eaten with fruit it is even more effective, so sprinkle a teaspoonful onto your fruit salad or morning cereal mixed with berries for added benefits.

Hit the Sweet Spot

Cocoa: A dash or more of this heart-healthy, flavonoid filled powder will not only help the old ticker but also add some fiber to your diet. Raw or even regular cocoa powder (not Dutch process) added to oatmeal, protein shakes or even your morning waffles adds magnesium to your diet, which can help keep the blues away.

Maca: From the radish family and called “Peruvian ginseng” a scoop of Maca powder can offer stamina, help with anemia, your mood and even increase libido.  That’s right, you read that correctly. A daily dose of malt-flavored Maca eaten with your ice cream or a shake can increase performance at the gym and in the bedroom.

High C’s & Seas

Spirulina: Dory tells us to just “keep swimming” and we can when we incorporate Spirulina, a freshwater algae powder to our food. Loaded with ten times more iron than a serving of spinach it packs a protein punch too. Spirulina keeps your immune system humming along with its high Vitamin A content when added to drinks, smoothies and more.

Baobab: This African fruit powder is one heck of superfood especially when put into sports drinks or sweetened lemonade. Chock full of more fiber and Vitamin C than almost anything else out there, a spoonful of Baobab added to your food each day can help with more than just added Vitamin C intake. That last one helps fight wrinkles and the signs of aging, including varicose veins, but a scoop of Baobab also adds fiber aiding in constipation too.  Adding more Vitamin C can help with burning fat and assisting glycemic levels in your blood.

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