December 21, 2017

Many people make New Year’s resolutions to change their lives for the better. Resolutions range from losing weight to drinking more water to learning a new hobby. One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to declutter and get organized. If this is one of your goals, start by organizing your closets with these easy steps.

Declutter First

Clutter is typically defined as things we don’t need that are disorganized and in the way.  When it comes to your closet, the first step is to get rid of anything that is stained, cannot be repaired, doesn’t fit, or that you’ll never wear. Donate clothing that is in good condition.

Pick Your Favorites

Do you simply have too many items in your closet? Decide what a reasonable amount of items is and then eliminate the rest. Do you need ten different pairs of boots, or is three or four plenty? How many black dresses do you need if you only wear dresses twice a year? What’s the right number of handbags for your lifestyle? Choose your favorites, and donate the rest. Fewer items means easier organization.

Like with Like

Once you’ve removed the items you no longer want or need, it’s time to organize. When you place items back into your closet, put like with like. Hang all of your sweaters together. Put all of your pants in one place. Group your pajamas next to each other. This will help you see exactly how many clothes you have, and will likely help you identify a few more items you can give away.

Remember the Drawers

Not everything has to be hung in the closet. If you store clothing in your dresser drawers, you will have more room in the closet. Consider putting t-shirts, scarves, pajamas, and sweatshirts into drawers. You can use drawer organizers to keep things neat and tidy.

If organizing your closets is on your to do list this year, just remember to start slowly rather than pulling everything out at the closet all at once. It will be much less overwhelming that way.

Do you have organizing and decluttering tips you’d like to share?