Surf & Sand: Top 6 Beach Essentials

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April 27, 2016

Are you as ready for summer beach season as I am? It will be here before you know it, so let’s get prepared and start talking about beach essentials. This isn’t your guide to find the perfect swimsuit or the best sunscreen to protect you and your family. This is all about making your beach time fun and easy with some smart thinking thrown in. Let’s get started so we are ready to hit the sun, sea and sand.

Swimsuit, sunnies, SPF and what else? Oh yes!  These items just made your next trip to the beach.

Beach Essentials

The Oversized Tote: You know that the first part of prepping for any trip is to have the proper bag to carry all your gear in. The beach is no exception to this rule. You can’t go wrong with a large tote bag, especially one that zips. A durable canvas one can be cute, convenient and washable too. Outer compartments that close, as well as inside pockets, are a great addition to a conventional tote and make it easy to pack up the needed gear.

Waterproof Phone Case: You don’t want anyone to miss your beach selfies so find a waterproof phone case to keep the moisture out. No beach spray is going to ruin your phone. It can also help protect the phone from sand grains too.

Sun Hat: You know all about the sun’s harmful rays. Protect your scalp, face and neck while blocking out the glare with a pretty new sun hat. Whether you like them made of straw and big and floppy or a sporty visor is on your list find one fast before the season really begins.

Water Bottle: It’s important to stay hydrated while out in the sun. While you are working up a sweat reading the latest beach read or playing in the surf, you need a sturdy, non-breakable bottle to keep your water chilled.

Oversized towel: Get hooked on the idea that your towel is for more than just drying off. You can use an oversized beach towel for a picnic in the sand, to lie out or even use as a cover for you or the kiddos when a breeze blows in or after the sun has set.

Water-Resistant Pouch: Just a small one for holding all the important items you need every time you leave the house. I’m talking cards, keys, phone and cash. A small zip up pouch to put in your tote will keep everything together and away from any water. Stash it in your oversized tote and you are good to go!

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