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July 3, 2012

I don’t know about you, but a summer getaway is sounding pretty good right now. The kids have been out of school, are almost down with a week of camp, and I’m wondering how to occupy them.

Adventure Awaits on Your Family Vacation!

Camp Omni takes family vacations to a whole new level, offering deluxe accommodations, 15% discount when you stay two nights, kids’ gift cards to be redeemed anywhere in the hotel, a scavenger hunt with a prize upon completion and a welcome amenity. Their ‘Camp Counselors’ will call in advance to help you plan your adventure, including:

Package Details:

  • 15% discount on deluxe accommodations (minimum two-night stay)
  • Complimentary breakfast for kids 12 and under from the buffet or children’s menu
  • $10 gift card for kids to use anywhere in the hotel
  • Camp newsletter with scavenger hunt that is redeemable for a merit badge and ‘dirt & worms’ dessert upon completion
  • Pre-call from camp counselor (concierge)
  • Welcome amenity with s’mores-flavored marshmallows, collapsible water bottle and a lanyard kit inside a cinch-up backpack

Some of our SocialMoms members took part in the Camp Omni experience.

  • Crazy Adventures in Parenting says there were a lot of great surprises to make their trip special: “While at dinner, the Omni hotel staff secretly left the kids a couple meaningful things to make their stay really special. The first gifts left were Worry Dolls to help them sleep well while away from home.  Next, they left them a little cookie night-cap, to help them celebrate more. My family was absolutely blown away by their hospitality. Camp Omni had truly outdone themselves so far, and it was only a mere couple of hours into their stay there!”
  • Momma D Jane reveals that they got special treats after the scavenger hunt: “Once we were greeted at check-in the kids received their Camp Omni backpacks with goodies inside. They instantly were eager to start their scavenger hunt through the hotel. Once they completed the scavenger hunt the kids received dirt pudding with gummy worms to the hotel room.  This was right after lunch and they were excited.  The dirt pudding also came with Camp Omni fabric stickers.”
  • A Day in the Motherhood “rode home in peace, all feeling like we had a nice, fun, relaxing stay without leaving the vicinity of the hotel.  We did not have to find restaurants nearby, things for the kids to do, or headache medicine from working really hard to provide a relaxing trip.  The Omni Hotel and Camp Omni took away the guess work and it was wonderful!   Next time you are traveling with kids or just wanting to have a staycation in your city, head to the Omni Hotel and take full advantage of Camp Omni!  It is surprisingly affordable, too!”
  • The Divine Miss Mommy tells us, “a camp concierge came to our room to bring the kids all of the information they needed to get started including backpacks, water bottles, scavenger hunt information of course, their very own gift cards which they couldn’t wait to spend. We took off within 10 minutes to start the scavenger hunt. The perfect ending to our evening was the “dirt & worms” dessert had that evening at the restaurant by all three kids. They absolutely loved everything about Camp Omni. My kids had an amazing time during the weekend and loved all of the kids only designed activities. We all had such a wonderful experience. We cannot wait to go back.”
  • Family Love in My City recommends, “If you didn’t know… now you know!  Camp Omni and the Kids Fantasy Suite at Omni Hotels is a hidden treasure!  As I began typing this post, I was lounging on a King size bed, while my kids were in the other room (they are connected, door was partially open) playing like there was no tomorrow! The Kids Suite at Omni Hotels is a hotel room that you actually want to hang out in! And one that you can actually relax in, as parents!  There’s no “Mommy, I’m bored.”, “Can we go to the pool again!”.”

Sounds amazing! I’m definitely checking out Omni for our next vacation and you should too. Don’t forget to follow on Omni Hotels & Resorts on Facebook and Twitter. You can also follow the PR team for news on Twitter at @OmniHotelsPR for the latest brand news, releases and trends.

How would you like to enjoy a free 2-night stay at an Omni Hotel? Just leave a comment below telling us about your best summer family vacation, and you may be on your way to a Camp Omni experience.  (See official rules.)



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