Stay Fit on Your Trip

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July 8, 2014

I’m not going to lie; vacation is the best way to break out of a routine. The daily grind is at a halt and we can embrace a free, relaxing schedule. That often means we indulge in richer foods, stay up late and sleep in. However, the sudden change can wreak havoc on the body. You don’t have to spend your precious vacay at the gym but doing just 50% off your regular activity or trying something new can invigorate you and create a vacation that is truly restorative your mind, body and soul.

Moderation is Key

It’s no surprise that we all like to let loose on our trips. What is the point of a getaway without a break from the norm?  These three tips will keep you on track while still having fun and maintaining your waistline.

  1. Eat fresh foods like fruits and vegetables as much as possible. Stay away from canned or processed foods. Find the yogurt and fruit at the breakfast bar a few times a week versus a daily waffle. Eat a salad for lunch versus the loaded burger with fries.
  2. Skip the salt. Food is often salted enough in restaurants so don’t add to it. No one wants puffy-faced vacation pics.
  3. Soda, juice and alcohol add weight fast but they also dehydrate you. Save the fizzy drinks and pina coladas for once a day and you won’t feel bloated or thirsty while away.

Go Local

Every place has something new to offer – whether it is a new place to run, hike or walk. Plan ahead and pick a few spots that you want to walk to, hike through or run by while you stay.  New sights will revitalize you both mentally and physically.

  1. In the pool set aside 10-30 minutes of lap time versus floating for hours on end.
  2. Try a local activity like paddle-boarding, kayaking or snorkeling if it is offered at your destination. It might be just the trick you need to get out of a workout slump.
  3. Ask the front desk about the hotel gym or recommended trails or running paths near the hotel. Don’t forget to ask if they offer passes to a nearby gym.

Fast Fit Tips

  1. Staying at a resort that offers dance lessons? Not only do you get to do something new, but you are staying active. So cha-cha, salsa or merengue your way into the day and know that you put your best foot forward towards a healthier you.
  2. Plan a family walk or hike or rent bikes while on your trip.
  3. Walk the beach or nearby park in the morning or evening.

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