Must Have Herbs For Your Herb Garden

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May 15, 2015

One of the reasons that I just love spring and summer is that I can get back out into the garden again. We have a small vegetable garden and a few herb gardens that I love spending time working in. If you love cooking, these are my must have herbs for your herb garden.

Must Have Herbs For Your Herb Garden

Having a home herb garden means I can step outside as I’m making dinner and snip off a few fresh herbs to use. Of course, my herb garden is just a small garden patch so I need to think carefully about what herbs I should plant. I only have so much room so I need to choose what I use most often and what is easiest for me to grow.

These must have herbs for your herb garden are culinary herbs. There are a number of different types of herbs including medicinal herbs but for the moment, most of my herbs are used for cooking. These are my favorites and the ones that I have found are the easiest to grow.

  • Basil – Basil is an annual, which means that you will need to plant this again each year unless you are in a warmer area where the winter doesn’t kill it. Basil is a favorite for any Italian dishes from spaghetti to our homemade pizzas.
  • Chives – Chives are perennial which means that they come back each year, provided you don’t pull them up by the roots. Just let them grow and snip off the tops of the green shoots when you need to flavor soups and salads. Make sure you leave some of the purple seed pods that form so that they can reseed themselves. For a change of pace, plant garlic chives too. Their seed pods are white.
  • Peppermint or Spearmint – I just love a few leaves of peppermint or spearmint in my cold tea during the summer. Mints are very easy to grow and will quickly overtake your entire garden. To stop them from spreading, try planting them in a large pot.
  • Cilantro – Cilantro is one of the easiest culinary herbs I have ever grown. It’s easily started from seed but doesn’t like to be moved once you start it. Fresh cilantro is delicious when tossed in soups or salads.
  • Oregano – Oregano is another delicious herb that can be used in Italian meals. It’s also a great addition to roasted vegetables and baked potatoes. Ours does not over winter well but yours may in a warmer climate than Vermont.

No matter which of these delicious culinary herbs you choose to add to your herb garden, I hope that you’ll try at least a few. Gardening is a relaxing way to get out in the sun.

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