The Best & Brightest Holiday Nails

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December 12, 2013

Jack Frost is probably nipping at your nose big time this week. But not your nails! Take a bit of time to pamper yourself and get creative and up-to-date on the holiday season’s latest nail trends.  From glittery colors to simple designs you can have yourself a glam set of digits in no time.  I bet you already have most of the colors at home and on hand (pun totally intended).

Deceitfully Easy Design

Yes, there are a plethora of Pinterest boards devoted to fantastical nail art.  In a season full of decorations and plates piled high with tasty treats, perhaps simple is smarter.  It is definitely more elegant.  Check out these fast, fashionable and downright pretty nail styles.

  • Reverse Moon is probably the hardest of this trio but it is not too hard to achieve.  First, paint the accent color in an exaggerated half-moon at the bottom of the nail bed.  Let it dry.  Then add the second color around the edge of the arc of the half-moon color.  Use complimentary colors in light and darker shades or go dark and use a sliver shade as the half-moon and a navy blue or black for real contrast.
  • Just the Tip is fun when you use a metallic lacquer at the tip of the nail.  For the holidays it is fun to use burgundy or oxblood red on the whole nail.  Let it dry.  Then add a gold shade at the tip to make a stunning new take on the classic French manicure. Apply tape to the lower half of the nail for a clean tip.
  • Ring Finger Only is all about the accent color.  If disco ball nail polishes are too much or you  want to go real simple then this is a trend for you.  Paint all your nails, minus the ring fingers, the same shade.  It can be whatever color you like. Then play up the middle fingers by painting them a gold or silver color.  Anything festive will do.
  • Gloss & Matte is super fun and edgy.  All you need is one nail color and a matte top coat to lock this look down.  A dark nail color is best.  Paint the whole nail and let it dry.  Next, cover the tip of the nail with tape.  Apply the matte top coat and let it dry.  Remove the tape and you are done! Contrast beautiful!

Hot Hues

This time of year a variety of dazzling nail lacquers come out to play.  Metallics are always a big hit and Yves St. Laurent La Laque Couture in No. 29 Dore Orfevre is a stunning gold that is almost nude.  Check out holographic colors like Essie For the Twill of It or play it safe in red.

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