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Inspiration: Kid AthletesTake Us to School

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March 24, 2014

Let’s face it, sports don’t always bring out the best in us. People throw insults, elbows, and even food in the name of competition. We’re out for the fame, the recognition, and the glory. But then, a young group of football players or a nine-year old brother takes us to school. These kids show us the heart of sportsmanship. In fact, they show us what it means to have a heart in the first place, while they punch us in the gut. If you suffer from reactionary tear ducts, you might want to ready the tissues.

1. Behind their coaches’ backs, these of middle school football players concocted a special play. Was it to highlight their star player? No. Smash the other team? Nope. Stick to their coaches? Not even close. Watch what they share about their plan to “make someone’s day.”

2. We know kids have the capacity to be kind but most nine-year olds naturally focus on themselves. If they excel in a competition, it’s about winning or at least getting a trophy. Conner Long is different. He races in triathlons. He does it for his six-year-old brother. Check out “Team Long Brothers.”

3. It’s just an average day at a wrestling competition. Two opponents meet. This kid exerts significant energy to move around the other boy, but not to win.

4. Two buddies face off in the karate meet tie breaker. It’s down to the wire. When officials announce the results, the losing boy teaches us a lesson in sportsmanship, friendship, and love.

5. Okay, this one doesn’t exactly highlight a kid’s actions but more a beautiful show of sportsmanship from adults, inspired by a child. We watch a popular soccer player’s very last play. He exits the field only to have his five-year old son sub in to take his place. Remember, this is a real game that is still running. Despite that, the players on both teams make it a moment no one will forget, especially that little boy.

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