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Healthy Freezer Treats

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June 3, 2019

For my kids, there’s nothing more satisfying than a cold treat on a hot day. For moms, if it’s healthy, it’s even better. Most store-bought ice pops are full of dyes and a significant amount of sugar. Ice creams range from relatively simple to chock full of junk as well. By making freezer treats at home, you can control the ingredients and bring them out anytime you want!

Need ideas? Try these:

Frozen grapes. Keeping a bowl of grapes in the freezer was not easy for me last year because they went so fast. We couldn’t walk past the kitchen without grabbing a handful. The first time they tried them, I made my kids close their eyes and envision a grape ice pop. They were surprised that it tasted the exact same! Grapes are super healthy and packed with nutrients and anti-oxidants. Since the EWG has grapes in their top 12 dirty dozen for pesticides this year, I recommend buying organic grapes as often as you can.

Frozen blueberries. Enjoy these right from the freezer (let them defrost 1-2 minutes) or add them into a smoothie for a cool drink.

Chocolate-covered bananas. This is another of my go-to healthy freezer treats. Cut the bananas in half, stick a popsicle stick into the banana, lay them on wax paper, and then freeze for a couple of hours. Next dip each one in melted chocolate (I like to use a 60% or more dark chocolate) and refreeze on the wax paper. You can choose to roll the chocolate-covered bananas in a small tray of chopped nuts if you’d like. Once cold, store them in the freezer in a large Tupperware with a lid or wrap lightly with plastic wrap. Eating the bananas within a few days is best.

Frozen yogurt. Did you know you can freeze individual yogurt cups and eat them like you would an Italian ice?

Homemade Ice Pops. Grab a few ice pop molds at the store and make your own using orange juice, pineapple juice, grape juice, or lemonade. Make layered pops by pouring one juice into the molds until halfway-filled, freeze the juice, and then pour a second one on top. Another option is to add small chunks of pineapple, kiwi, or chopped strawberries. This gives you Pinterest-worthy dessert you can hand out to your guests any day.

In the summer staying hydrated and cool is important. Having healthy freezer treats around makes it easy and fun to stay hydrated with real ingredients, not dyes or unhealthy additives.

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