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September 16, 2015

Welcome fall and its dark array of beauty trends in hair and makeup. The year 2015 is all about looks that showcase grunge meets glamour, natural beauty with softly tousled hair and dark lips that make an impact. Rich hues in hair and makeup are always in fashion in the cooler months and that is no different this year. So sit back, read on and get ready for a gorgeous fall season that will have you looking your most fabulous self.

Bare Faced & Beautiful

The backdrop to a beautiful look is all about showing off a minimal face. That means go easy on the base and let your gorgeous skin tone shine through. The way to create this look is to lay off the powder. Instead use a glowing foundation to blend and erase redness or any uneven skin tone and hide any flaws or dark circles with a luminous, correcting concealer. Your true beauty shines through and leaves you free to play up your eyes with a dark kohl liner, smokey eye or create a bold lip in sumptuous color.

Red Hot

Our lips are no longer sealed. The big trend for lips this fall is big, bold and red hot. Go for stains and creamy shades in a brick red that definitely gives a nod to 90’s fashion. After all, those clothes are back in this season so why not apply the trend to your face? Reds that have an orange tint to them also work well for fall and make a pretty autumnal shade. If brick red shades are not your ideal then go darker and vampier with the almost black-purple hues that bring to mind fresh berries without any gloss and very minimal shine.

Eye Do

The eyes have it this time around and they are having the most fun. Fans of eyeliner can get excited because fall is full of playful wings in both bold and thin lines. You can apply it in a subtle thin cat eye or get wild and really use a thick but precise line that mimics the traditional cat eye. Want more? Make it two thin lines that fan out from the eye. The effect is totally new and quite dramatic. Pure fun for a night out.

A new take on metallics moves away from the traditional metals of silver and gold. Instead it plays on the rose-gold trend we saw last year and brings bronze metallic eye shadow front and center. Swiped across the lid in thick strokes or subtle swipes this glittering shade makes eyes glow. It looks amazing with a nude lip or when paired with a dark 90s berry lip.

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