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4 Ways to Stay Fit This Holiday Season

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December 13, 2011

It is not an easy task for moms to keep fit during the holiday season. It’s nearly impossible to find time to juggle work, kids, and a calendar full of family activities and events, much less try to sneak in some exercise before crashing each night. So, here are four tips that you can easily incorporate into your day to help you stay fit this holiday season.

Stay Active

Whatever you do, work to keep your body moving. Make sure to keep active outside, inside or wherever you are. Stroll around the airport instead of sitting in your seat waiting for your flight. Choose the steps over the elevator at the office. Take a walk after a holiday meal. Do leg lifts and arm presses while you wait for the shower water to warm up. Clean the house or rake the yard while watching the kids (both can be quite satisfying). You might find that the more active you are, the more you want to be.

Go Outside and Have Fun

Fresh air is amazingly invigorating, so head outdoors for a brief time in the early morning or evening and try something new. Get your heart rate up and build some endurance by finding a running trail with exercise stations. Go to the local school playground and work on some pull-ups on the jungle gym. Sprint around the bases or hit or kick a ball against the wall at a neighborhood park. You might even pick up a new hobby to pursue; something that you forgot you enjoyed years ago.

Keep Up with Your Kids All Day

Seriously, no matter that they do, do it with them for the whole day instead of watching them do it. Get on the floor and play around with them and run together to the park and play. The goal is to move from activity to activity together. It can be surprisingly fun and physically challenging. Your kids can help keep you active and moving while you make them laugh and put a smile on their face by joining in their fun.

Skip the Gym and Do Yoga At Home

Ditch your gym for the day and choose a yoga class on Exercise TV or rent a yoga DVD from your local library. Fit it in whenever you want and wear whatever attire you choose. It can be quite liberating. Power and flow yoga classes are very challenging physically and there are many amazing 30-45 minute classes to select, including a current personal favorite which is Ted McDonald’s 40 minute dynamic flow workout. Yoga challenges your whole body and you might find that you exert yourself more during a yoga class than taking a spin on a treadmill or elliptical machine at the gym. Yoga provides a kick-ass combination (that literally does so): toning your butt while practicing breathing through challenging poses and situations.

How do you keep active during the holiday season?

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