Rosy and Bright: The New Metallics

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February 13, 2014

We’ve been walking around in the same edgy metallic hues for so long now they have lost their edge.  Gold, bronze and silver still reign supreme at the Olympics and in our closet, but get ready to make way for a different look in metallic clothing and accessories this season.  Let’s go brighter and warmer with the weather and take part in these three futuristically awesome ways to wear metallics.

Warm & Rosy

Rose gold started making a reappearance in  jewelry last year so it should be no surprise that it is now popping up in our clothing.  The gilded look has never been hotter than it is right now. Rose gold is a color that suits everyone’s complexion.  The warmth of rose gold flatters all and looks fresh this spring and summer season.  To add a small dose of this color, pick up a bracelet in cuff style or bangle.  Rock a pair of metallic rose, gold tinted loafers to jazz up your daily outfit.  A tunic or pleated skirt in rose gold looks both classic and on-trend all at once.  You can take any of these pieces and move them over into fall and winter 2014 too.

Pops of Punchy Color

Want to take your look to the next level?  Then pick up a shiny and bold piece of bright metallic clothing or shoes and step out.  What better time to introduce this trend than now!  Just like rose gold, each item you choose will be a solid find for the fall and winter months as well.  Think bright green dresses or a citrus-shade blazer or coat to add pop.  A heeled sandal or pump in turquoise or other saturated metallic hue will add spark to a look during the day and combined with other bright metallic at night it can become a real go-to look for special night out.  Find a sequined dress in a hot pink or purple and you can mix and match it all year long.  It’s perfect for a summer night out now or to pair again for New Year’s Eve.


Going metallic with make-up is definitely a big jump into the trend. Try rose gold on the eyes, lips and face – it can add additional warmth and a nice bronzed look for the warmer months. However, when wearing metallic in bright shades it is important to keep the face and nails neutral.  Buff colors, nudes and some muted darks look great on the nails and on the lips and eyes.  A thin, sleek cat-eye is all you need with very little mascara to bring out the eyes and not crowd your look.

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