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Fun Ideas for a Nerdy Valentine’s Day

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February 12, 2014

Valentine’s Day rolls around every February and, with it, comes the pressure to produce a day filled with romance that your partner will remember and cherish forever. Of course, most people try and fail miserably but it’s the thought that counts, right?

The holiday can be especially difficult for those who are more technologically inclined and would rather spend the day on their devices rather than sprinkling rose petals in a bathtub (although, people can enjoy both!) We’ve compiled a list of ideas for those nerdier lovers struggling to come up with Valentine’s Day gifts this year.

Mix Tape USB Stick

Remember the old days when giving your intended a mix tape was one of the ultimate signs of affection?  Even if you could do it today, who still has a cassette player? Fortunately, Milktape has fixed this problem for us! Now, you can upload your playlist on a USB Cassette Tape (works for PC and Mac!) and recapture some of that magic. It even has one of those paper covers inside so you can write down the list of songs.

M-Edge Personalized Cases

For a time, it was popular to make customized mousepads for loved ones but other devices have become far more popular. M-Edge allows you to create personalized covers for the iPad, Nook and Kindle which is a great way to show the world to see how much you love each other.

Visit a Museum

What better way to embrace your inner nerd than to check out a local museum. Whether it be a museum dedicated to science, natural history, air or space, you will make your brain feel loved and learn new things together. Extra points for hitting up a Planetarium!

Play at an Arcade or Laser Tag

Chilling out for a day of console-based gaming is fun but there’s something special about trying to reach a high score at an arcade. There’s the pressure of having an audience and the thrill of adding your initials to the leaderboard that just brings back the old days before you could save or pause a game. Oftentimes, arcades are located within the same building as a laser tag arena. Let the lights go down, pick up your laser gun and burn off some calories before you pig out on chocolate later that night.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

There’s something really sweet about scavenger hunts. It clearly takes a lot of effort for someone to go through all that planning just to make someone else feel important. Lead them through the house, neighborhood, mall or city on a chase to find you.  If you don’t feel like writing out clues, you can create your own hunt with the SCVNGR mobile-based app.

Bake Nerdy Treats

Whether you find some great cookie cutters online, in local shops or you make your own, nothing says romance to a sci-fi loving nerd like some Star Wars, Star Trek or Marvel-themed cookies. Whether it’s Iron Man cookies, light saber pancakes or a cake shaped like the Enterprise, your partner (and tummy) will thank you!

Take a Segway Tour

Driving through the streets checking out the sights is not even close to the same as walking along and being a part of the hustle and bustle. Take that charm up a notch by renting a couple of Segways for an afternoon and rediscovering your own city or a nearby town.

We put a lot of pressure on each other to amp up the romance for Valentine’s Day and, too often, we feel like we could never live up to the syrupy stereotypes in the movies. Be true to yourself and create your own memories – technology for the win!

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