10 Naturally Green Foods for St. Patrick’s Day

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February 20, 2015

I can tell that St. Patrick’s Day will be here soon because my Pinterest feed is full of artificially green dyed foods. I see the same phenomena before Valentine’s Day with pink treats and goodies. While I love the festive look of bright pink cupcakes and green smoothies, I’d prefer not to load myself or my family up with artificial food dyes. Some of these food dyes have been linked to many different health problems.

Naturally Green Foods for St. Patrick’s Day

Of course, you can still enjoy colorful foods for the different holidays. There are plenty of naturally green foods for St. Patrick’s Day that you can enjoy. You can also try enjoying some ethnic recipes that aren’t necessarily green. There are a lot of traditional Irish foods that aren’t green like Irish Soda Bread and Colcannon.

If you do want to try a few green foods this St. Patrick’s Day, why not opt for these?

  • Make a smoothie with one or more of these naturally green foods: kiwi, kale or spinach
  • Homemade pesto can turn plain pasta into a fun green pasta dish.
  • Avocado soup is a fun green shade that will make any meal more festive. The same would hold true for cream of spinach or asparagus soup.
  • Add fresh spinach into your scrambled eggs or omelet for “green” eggs.
  • Very finely chopped broccoli can be added to macaroni and cheese to make it appear green.
  • You can also add very finely chopped broccoli to mashed potatoes for the same appearance.
  • For the adults, try an iced or hot green tea for a green beverage that’s good for you.
  • Treat yourself and the kids to a green fruit salad with melon, kiwi, green grapes and Granny Smith apples.
  • Load up on tossed salad and include your favorite green vegetables: lettuce, green peppers, cucumbers, scallions and celery. Top with a Green Goddess Dressing.
  • Turn the egg portion of deviled eggs green by adding a bit of mashed avocado to the yolks. No food dye needed.

No matter how you choose to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year, try a few naturally green foods for St. Patrick’s Day instead of using artificial food dyes. Your family will love that they can enjoy festive looking food and you will love knowing that what you are feeding them is healthy.

What’s your favorite naturally green food to enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day?

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