Dump Cake – A Must-Make Fall Dessert

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October 4, 2016

It’s officially autumn. I love this season because the temperature starts dropping and the landscape is drenched in fall colors. It’s time to take in the dock and pack away the swimsuits in exchange for sweaters and boots. And since the temperature is cooler, I don’t mind heating up the oven.

Dump cake is easy to make—which makes it the perfect dessert for fall, when many of us are busy with school activities and prepping for the holidays. It’s called “dump cake” because you literally just dump all the ingredients into one pan and cook.  Wiktionary defines it as, “a cake similar to a cobbler, made by dumping fruit or other filling into a pan and then dumping cake mix atop it; any simple cake requiring no more than a single bowl to prepare for baking.”

Here are four delicious dump cake recipes we discovered and can’t wait to try:

Caramel Apple Dump Cake

This Novice Chef recipe uses canned apples, but tis the season and you can definitely use fresh fruit. Just make sure to slice the apples in thin slices (so they cook completely) or take the time to cook the apples with the spices until soft. Caramel bits add flavor to this dump cake, but for even more caramel flavor you can top it with caramel sauce before serving.

Pear Dump Cake

Pears are often overlooked when it comes to baking. Center Cut Cook tried to bring back the pear with this easy to make dump cake containing only five ingredients. Pears, brown sugar, and cinnamon are mixed in a bowl and then placed in the pan. Yellow cake mix is poured on top, followed by a drizzle of melted butter. After baking, the top layer is crisp and buttery, a crumbly and soft layer sits underneath, and then you dig into the flavorful pears.

Banana Bread Dump Cake

This recipe from Table for Seven uses banana bread mix instead of cake mix. The recipe consists of layers of bananas with white chocolate chips, evaporated milk, banana bread mix, and finally melted butter. Table for Seven recommends serving this cake with a dollop of whip cream, caramel sauce, and walnuts.

Pumpkin S’mores Dump Cake

No fall recipe round up would be complete without a pumpkin dessert!  This cake, courtesy of Homemade Cravings, is almost like a pumpkin pie with a s’more on top. Graham crackers and chocolate chips are sprinkled on top of pumpkin puree mixed with evaporated milk, brown sugar, eggs, nutmeg, and cinnamon. After baking, you add a marshmallow topping and some additional chocolate chips for a delicious dessert the kids will love.

Dump cakes can be made with just about any fruit (canned or fresh) and they are such a good way to warm up and sweeten chilly autumn evenings! For more recipes, Country Living has a list of 13 fall dump cakes and links.

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