Unleash Your Inner Wild Thing: 3 Ways to Wear Animal Prints

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April 24, 2014

Maybe you are more of a minimalist when it comes to personal fashion. At heart, so am I.  Except every once in a while the little wild beast in me comes roaring out and I like to show off and play up basic wardrobe staples with tribal prints or some animal accents.  Enter the wild with us and find ways to make this look your own.

Start Small

Perhaps you aren’t the kind to throw on one of those trendy tiger face sweaters.  That’s fine.  You can still create an animal print look by adding a leopard print ballet flat or zebra print loafer to your regular jeans and t-shirt day.  Shoes are one of the best ways to try a new color or trend.  Add spice to a standard all-black ensemble by adding a tiger print infinity scarf.  Buy it in a smaller size and tie it to the strap of your purse for just a peek into your animal side.  Wearing small bits of animal prints (think tribal) is also a good rule for the office. Larger prints and all over looks work best for nights out on the town or weekends away from your desk.

Accessories like sunglasses in a reptile or animal skin print can incorporate this trend just as much as your shoes.  Find a clutch or small bag in a classic black and white zebra print for added style, and a nod to this hot new you.  You’ll be surprised at how much a tiny bit of animal print adds some real boldness to your day.

Let It Roar

The tiger sweater is so you after all!  You cannot wait to find more gladiator sandals in leather and metal to bring out your animal loving self. Then by all means pick up a cheetah print bathing suit or tribal print one in neutral shades of white, khaki and black.  It’s under-stated in color but not in appeal.  Remember to keep make-up and nails neutral when you sport any sort of animal print to keep the look clean and not tacky.

Add Some Color

While it’s always safe to stick with a neutral palette when working with tribal accents and animal prints, you can add a dose of color now and again.  The best bets are to follow the rules of nature.  Orange pairs well, as does deep greens and gold tones.  When wearing a black and white zebra you can add a pop of yellow, cobalt blue, violet or even red for fun and versatility.  We can’t forget this season’s super hot pastel trend.  You can work it in with the brown tones of the animal prints for a look that is truly modern and playful.

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