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Learning to be Beautiful by Choice #BeautifulByChoice

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March 31, 2017

This article was sponsored by Gliss.

Gliss by Schwarzkopf, a global hair care brand now available in the U.S., recently launched their Beautiful by Choice campaign. The pressures of today’s world can be overwhelming: we’re constantly being told what to think, how to live, who to love, and what is considered beautiful. At SocialMoms, we believe in the power of choices – YOUR choices – in how to live your life. Because your choices make you who you are—BEAUTIFUL.

SocialMoms worked with twenty strong and influential women who put together their own Gliss Beauty Story videos, sharing what beauty means to each of them. Here are some of our favorites:

Alicia Tenise, Alicia Tenise

In her video, Alicia uses handwritten signs to tell us what makes her beautiful: “My flaws. 4 surgical scars. Huge eyes. Lanky limbs. Lack of makeup. Confidence!”

Lauren Nolan, Lake Shore Lady

Lauren reveals that she hasn’t always been concerned with beauty. When she started to practice self care, she began feeling her most beautiful. “From there, all of the other stereotypical beauty stuff is a fun form of self expression.” She says she now has the confidence to take risks and makes sure to take the time to do what she needs to do to feel beautiful.

Melissa Flores, Super Glam News

Melissa has always had big dreams and done her best to make them happen. As she has gotten older, her dreams have gotten bigger, giving her more motivation. Reaching her goals is important. “Being beautiful has a lot to do with what’s on the inside. Having a really strong work ethic makes you beautiful. It makes me feel really good when I set a goal for myself, I work hard to attain it, and I accomplish it. That’s really beautiful to me.”

Miriam Gin, Simply x Classic

Miriam puts it simply and eloquently: “Beauty is owning your flaws and imperfections, being able to laugh at yourself, and being confident with who you are.”

Sarah and Michelle, 52 Thursdays

Sarah believes beauty is feeling strong in your own skin. “Having a ‘never give up’ attitude has helped me push farther than I ever imagined, both in my fitness goals and in my business.” Michelle agrees. “Beauty to me is feeling confident in your own skin.” As an expectant mother, she wants to set an example for her baby girl.

You can check out all twenty of the influencers’ videos by searching for the hashtag #GlissBeautyStories on Facebook and Instagram. We also encourage you to share your own #BeautifulByChoice beauty story with Gliss, whether that’s by commenting on your favorite videos or making a video of your own! We can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

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This article was sponsored by Gliss.

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